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Almost Famous


Although it seems almost incomprehensible to us today, there once was a time when Kate Hudson was in a good movie! Eleven years later, this remains the only Kate Hudson film rated above 6.5 at IMDb.

And she has been in, at last count, fourteen million movies.

Kate Hudson 1080p film clip (See below)





Today's 1970s clip:

Annie Belle in Laure  (1976)




Tucker & Dale vs Evil


Hicksploitation comedy slasher which is a cross between Deliverance and Fargo.

Chelan Simmons: topless skinny-dipping.

Katrina Bowden: bra and panties.

Christie Laing: sexy only.

Maja Stace-Smith: bra and panties as stunt double for Katrina Bowden.

French Kiss


French-Canadian movie recently released to DVD but impossible to find outside Quebec.

Celine Bonnier: nude sex scene.

Ruby Brown: Montreal area model topless.


(2008 short)

Tree-ploitation axe-slasher from the makers of "Hobo With a Shotgun" and starring the Dunsworth clan (Mr. Lahey and his 3 daughters).

Kristin Slaney: brassiere having sex.

Anything Goes

(2012; trailer)

This movie was supposed to have been released last Canada Day but there is no known theatrical or DVD release and the official website hasn't been updated since 2010.

Vanessa Broze: sexy in brassiere.

"Story" (short)

The only nudie video I can find on the internet featuring the nudie Canada Arts Council funded performance artist Margie Gillis in the buff.

Margie Gillis: giving a triple B performance.

The Building

(2009 TV movie)

Erica Durance: sexy with pregger prosthetic.

Keegan Connor Tracy: still sexy.

Passion and Prejudice

(2001 TV movie)

Available on DVD in the UK with more nudity than usual for the wimmin's network genre.

Frances Fisher: the former Mrs. Clint Eastwood briefly showing her 38 magnums.

Kandyse McClure: very tight sweater.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"

episode: "Palestinian Chicken"

Last week Larry David dated a woman who's anti-semitic dirty sex talk would make Ilsa the Wicked blush. Super Dave Osborne wasn't impressed.

Anne Nahabedian aka Anne Bedian: Canadian ex-pat making some non-kosher bacon with Larry David.

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

More from the 1980s series:

Melissa Sue Anderson: Mary Ingles in episode "VCR- Very Careful Rape". This is one of the most graphic rapes shown on a network television episode.

Kate Vernon: Dean Vernon Wormer's daughter in bikini being very naughty as usual in "There Was A Little Girl...".

Cynthia Bellievau: Miss Mona Lott also being very naughty in "If the Shoe Fits".

Roberta Weiss: bra and panties in "Twist" with Art Hindle aka Mayor Brannigan, the Dean Wormer of Canadian small town mayors.

Camilla Scott: nice bra and panties, almost flashing a boob in "Prosecutor".

Chris Moore: side boob as Miss Honi Pott in the James Bond spoof "Diamonds Aren't Forever".

Carolyn Dunn: nice legs in "Houdini on Channel 4".

Laura Robinson: sexy in "The 13th Floor".

Lori Lansens: cleavage as whore in the Sherlock Holmes spoof "My Dear Watson". This is the only listed acting credit for the screenwriter turned novelist.

Last but not least...

Mitsou Gelinas

The Quebec singer nearly falling out her dress accepting some sort of award for French-Canadian music.


Film Clips

Sara Corrales on SoHo TV (2011; doing a photospread for SoHo magazine)

Lulu Benton in Stiff (2010). She challenges Molly Parker for the cinema corpse-fuckin' championship. See below.

Kate O'Rourke in Wound (2010) in 720p See below.

Alyssa Mariano in Small Town Murder Songs (2010). See below.

Suzan Anbeh and Emilie Richards in Sehnsucht nach Neuseeland (2009) in 720p. See below.

Kate Nauta in Nine Miles Down (2009) in 1080hd. See below.

Paz Vega in The Human Contract (2008) in 1080hd. See below.

Emily Watson in Synecdoche, New York (2008) in 1080p. See below.

Robin "Calamity Jane" Weigert in Synecdoche, New York (2008) in 1080p. See below.

Michelle Williams see-through in Synecdoche, New York (2008) in 1080p. See below.

Daniela Nardini in Festival (2005). See below.

Katherine Heigl shows one of her big boobs in Side Effects (2005). See below.

Natalia Danilova in Amerikanka  (2001). See below.

Ines Sastre, Sophie Marceau, Fanny Ardant and Chiara Caselli in Beyond the Clouds (1995). We've seen these scenes before, many times to be sure, but this is a solid clip and an excellent collage (below)

Kate Humble in Spymaker (1990). She is now the queen of the nature shows on British TV, but she had a brief fling with acting (under the pseudonym of "Lauren Heston") before beginning her career as a presenter. She was about 21 in Spymaker, a story about the young Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond. The part of Fleming is played by Jason Connery, son of James Bond himself. To my knowledge the movie has never been released on DVD, so the clip is not impressive in quality, but its rarity compensates for that. I'm actually underselling it. Even if she were not famous now, you'd still enjoy this scene because it's a cute clip and she is totally adorable. See below.



Lara Stone

Some summaries of silly XXX parodies

"Arnold the Fornicator"

"This Ain't Lady Gaga"

"Saturday Night Fever XXX"