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Bad Lieutenant


Frankie Thorn film clip (caps below)


Abel Ferrara,  the director of this film, had these comments when he heard that Werner Herzog was remaking this film with Nic Cage in the Harvery Keitel role: "I wish these people die in hell. I hope they're all in the same streetcar and it blows up." Weird fact: this gritty film is being re-imagined as a black comedy.







They're Playing With Fire


Today is the final chapter of our Sybil Danning tribute from "They're Playing With Fire". More of Boob-A-Licious Sybil in these caps and 2 more clips. I thought she was really hot in this movie.





TV Land

Over in TV Land the "Today" show has a dueling leg battle between Amy Robach and Natalie Morales. Clip here. Caps below.








Notes and collages

Demon Wind


Part 2

Sandra Margot










Based on the wildly popular graphic novel by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore, 2009's Watchmen may forever change your concept of superheroes, and not for the better, but to a Sci-Fi nut like me, this Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Thriller was great fun to watch.

In an alternate 1985, costumed superheroes are a part of everyday life, Richard Nixon is in his third term as President, and we are about to go to nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Then, the government bans all costumed crime fighters, and a group who call themselves the Watchmen, now in their second generation, decide to join the first generation, mostly their parents, in retirement.

As the world stands on the brink of all-out nuclear war, the Comedian, one of the original Watchmen, is brutally murdered, and Rorschach, one of the younger vigilantes, sets out to hunt down the person or persons responsible. As it turns out, though, this was not a simple murder, and the reasons behind it are not easily discovered, even after he enlists the help of others from his group. It also turns out that crime fighters in this alternate reality are much more brutal than the superheroes that most of us have grown up with, and there is a lot of brutality in this movie, even perpetrated on one another.

I'm willing to bet there were plenty of people who didn't like this movie, but I was riveted for the whole three hours (yeah, that's not a misprint - this puppy was just over three hours long in Director's cut form). The caps are from the Blu-ray version.


Malin Akerman Tara Frederick Carla Gugino (non nude)







Imogen Thomas topless in Marbella, Spain, day before yesterday


Sienna Miller topless somewhere or another, as usual. Excellent quality.

 Pretty sure she doesn't actually own any tops.

That first picture, with her bottom falling down, is tres sexy!

Kathy Griffin in "My Life on the D List"


Film Clips

Fiona Gelin in Parole de Flic

Astrid Kilian in Schulmaedchen Report #2

A short one from Johnny Moronic: Kristi-lee Kalendra in Beautiful, an Aussie film

Two appearances by from Sophie Quinton: Avril and La Chatte Andalouse

Sandahl Bergman in Conan the Barbarian

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in Scarface. Did you know she was nominated for a Tony a few years ago as Aldonza in the Man of La Mancha revival? (She's quite a good singer.) She turned 50 recently, and I haven't seen in her in quite some time.

Anneke Schwabe in Elvis und der Komissar (sample right)  
Franziska Walser in Ein halbes Leben (sample right)