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Day of the Warrior



The Legion to Ensure Total Harmony and Law (L.E.T.H.A.L) is after master criminal Marcus Bagwell (The Warrior), who is into all sorts of nefarious things, and has agents undercover in three locations. LETHAL's security is breached, and they must try to save their four field agents. One of the group is an Asian Elvis impersonator and karate expert.

This is an Andy Sidaris film. In other words, This time,

Andy Sidaris films form a sub-genre of their own consisting of robo-hooters, bullets, bombs, and a tongue-in-cheek plot you can almost follow. This one has the requisite boob count and the usual outlandish action, sometimes both simultaneously. For example, there are several times in this film when women use the ol' "tits to the head attack" successfully. If you want mindless boobs and action, with humor both intentional and unintentional, Andy Sidaris delivers, as always.

IMDb, as usual, gives this one a gutter score of 1.7, which may be right in some absolute sense, but represents a much too serious way to look at life.

Christina Turner 6


Julie K Smith 35


Julie Strain 8



Raye Hollitt 4


Shae Marks 28


Tammy Parks 18









Venus in Furs


A few days ago we featured Maria Rohm and she is back again today in Venus in Furs. This sexy beauty is seen both alive and dead in this creepy thriller. Breasts and buns from Maria in these caps and seven clips.


Scoop's notes: Jesus "Jess" Franco directed at least 188 films, because IMDb has that many listed, and this surrealistic effort is rated his third-highest on their database. That may be fair. It is not really a good movie, but it has kind of an interesting Twilight Zone overlay working, some beautiful photography, and a sad wailing score. And it stars singer James Darren ("Goodbye, Cruel World"), co-star of the Gidget movies, a series regular on such shows as The Time Tunnel and T.J. Hooker, and about the last guy you'd expect to see in a Franco movie. While it's not quite a mainstream film, it's about as close as the ol' seor ever came.






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Bruce Almighty


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Today's star Agnes Soral in Noces de Cendres






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