Today's Images.
From Elliffen Graphix
  • Today we had so much variety, that I felt like an alcholic in a liquor store. Where should I begin? So it seemed that the best thing to do was to sort it all by contributor. There is no order of preference. In fact, in the Fun House, all celebrity nudes are equal in our eyes, and so are the contributors! and as always, we thank you for your submissions. First up, a lesser known celeb who co-starred in a few, 80's B-movies, and "Crocodile Dundee", Anne Carlisle.
  • Since I joined Scoop Sr. back in February, one think I can can say with total accuracy is this, Elliffen is a master of 'capping "Red Shoe Diaries" episodes. Naturally of course, today I bring you vidcaps from yet another episode, "Jealousy". Here's Elena Zatolokina.
  • I guess today is "Red Shoe Diaries from the Former Soviet Union" day. As a follow up from yesterday, more scans of the very lovely Irina Grigorieva, from the episode "Farmers Daughter". Personally, I'm waiting for them to take the Former Soviet Union angle a little farther. I'd like to see the next episode called "Red Shoe Diaries: The Breadlines". Here's my proposed plot...during the long cold winter months, while standing in the long bread and/or toilet paper lines, a sexy young blonde meets a handsome American diplomat, wearing blue jeans and chewing bubble gum, while on his way to the American Embassy in Moscow. Her father runs a small hardware store, but he's secretly a top dog in the KGB, so it's totally forbidden! However, the father uses his daughter by having her sleep with the American, in order to gain valuable secret information from the embassy. I figure this provides any number of obscure places to have forbidden, lusty sex, like offices, closets, run down Moscow apartments etc., plus gives it the necessary cheesy "plot" to use as the excuse for two people to have sex on screen every other minute. --On a side note, Some say I watch too many crappy movies, and have excessive free time. Maybe they're right.
  • From Don Bun
  • Next up, Don Bun has a few new scans of some of our favorite scream queens. First, here's Ruby Honeycat.
  • Here's Kym Malin, looking sort of scary. More recently she's been in a few of those busty-babes-with-guns Sidaris movies, but you may also recognize her from such great small parts as... The naked girl playing the piano in "Weird Science", and the naked hostage in "Die Hard". But best of all, (and Scoop Sr. will never let me forget this) she was in one of the all time worst movies ever made, "Joysticks".
  • Our last offering today from Don Bun, Lorissa McComas. Well, I guess it's been a few days since our last, almost mandatory "Live Nude Shakespeare" reference.
  • From Hugo
  • As is customary, whenever I throw in a favorite for myself, I try to throw one in for Scoop Sr. too. So, for Scoop, here's Joan Severance from the movie "Profile for Murder".
  • Here's Kylie Travis, from her first movie "Eyes of the Beholder". You may also recognize her from her role in "Gia", and also from the Aaron Spelling classic "Models Inc."
  • From Helcrom
  • Helcrom is next on our list today, and his first offering for us is Jennifer Jason Leigh. I've never been a big fan of hers, but these are some pretty nice vidcaps from "Single White Female".
  • ALso from Helcrom today, Demi Moore from "Striptease". This is a nice collection of scans from her hair drying scene.
  • More Demi Moore. This one isn't from Helcrom, in fact I'm not sure of the source, but it is Demi, so I guess it belongs next in line. It's a pretty small paparazzi shot of a topless Demi with one of her kids. Not too special.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Svetlana Khorkina, by Ringo.
  • From Lescan, a newer contributor to the Fun House, here are a couple of deleted scenes from "Lisa and the Devil". The e-mail said these were controversial when the film came out. They don't look all that scandalous to me, but then again, I am the son of Uncle Scoopy.
  • Part two of vidcaps from "Lisa and the Devil", by Lescan.
  • Lina Romay. Vidcaps from "The Sadist of Notre Dame". Sounds like a winner!
  • Next in the Variety section, Monica Bellucci, topless at the beach.