TV Round-Up

True Blood, s5e8, had a topless scene from Kelly Overton

And Weeds featured a charming, quirky full body nude scene in clear lighting from Jessica Kiper

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The Thomas Crown Affair


Renee Russo clips 1920x816

Alvin Rides Again


Well, when your film is a hit, what do you do? You make a sequel and that's where Alvin Rides Again comes in. The problem with Alvin Rides Again is that is has a massive case of rush job written all over it. The first act is basically a rehash of the original with Alvin looking for work and losing his job because some woman wants to or does have sex with him. Then he goes on the road with his friend Spike and bizarrely join a women's cricket team where they dress as women to help them to victory and win a bet they laid. And then for some strange reason the film turns into a gangster comedy as Alvin is a dead ringer for an American gangster and when the gangster dies, Alvin is forced into impersonating the gangster so that his crew can get his money from the robbery that was set up.

The writing is all over the place; it feels like 2 different ideas have been awkwardly forced together and when it doesn't the film is just rehashing the stuff from the original film like a massive car chase and some Benny Hill style comedy. Ugh, Alvin Rides Again is a sloppy mess of a film with an occasional funny moment, usually from Frank Thring or the gangster's ridiculous obsession with Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo. There's also the feel that they got Abigail naked in the film and just built the rest of the film around that moment. Hmmm, not all bad I s'pose. (Film clips linked below; collage(s) or sample images below each link.)

And let's face it, continuity is never an issue with this series. The next film, Melvin, Son of Alvin, throws all continuity out the window.

Judy Stevenson

Briony Behets

Candy Raymond

Chantal Contouri

Joy Thompson

Kris McQuade



Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon, stark naked on the NY stage in Wit (1280x720)


 Julia Jaschke, Marina Anna Eich in Die Wahrheit der Luege (2011) in 1080p

Corinna Harfouch in This Is Love (2009)

Rona Hartner and Romain Duris in Gadjo Dilo (1997)