Jennifer Tilly was not Meg's body double in Body Snatchers.

Both Jennifer and Meg have refuted this claim, and the credits are listed as "Jennifer", no last name. According to Meg Tilly, she was a local stripper.




Season 4

Weeds has taken a whole new direction this year and there was no nudity in the first six episodes. There's not any real female nudity in episode 7 either, although there is some male bottom.

The good news, however, is that Mary Louise Parker gets a vigorous spanking. Her panties are on during this, but she later looks at her bum in the mirror, and most of it is exposed.

And a very nice butt it is!

There are also a couple of quick looks at Mary-Louise in some photographs: one topless and one with a bare crotch. Whether these are really MLP ... who knows?

Anyway, here are all the MLP clips.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Dinner for Two


Dinner for Two is a sequel, or maybe a remake, of Cannibal Doctor (see yesterday's column). These two cannibalism fetish films were made to order for a single wealthy client, who financed the entire film but did not get exclusive use of the films. Of course, the outside appeal is limited by the relatively small number of people interested in the very precise shopping list of scenes that had to be included and excluded. The central fantasy/fetish has everything to do with watching school girls tied up, tenderized, seasoned and basted as if they are to be cooked and eaten; and nothing to do with actually seeing the cannibalism. There is also an utterly baffling sub-fetish which involves tickling with feathers.

William Hellfire plays the doctor again and Tina Krause is his wife, but there are several changes in this update to the basic Cannibal Doctor story. Misty Mundae plays a dual role this time as sisters,  and Tina Krause also gets cooked in this variation. Both women show everything, and spend most of the film tied up, sometimes with an apple in their mouths.

Dinner for Two is actually a little more interesting than Cannibal Doctor because it contains more dialogue and plot, and because all three principals had a little more experience in front of the camera. That's not much of a recommendation. To those who do not share the specific preoccupations of the man who paid for the films, and that would be almost everyone, both films simply seem strange, so the only real target audience for the films consists of Misty Mundae completists.


Misty Mundae



Tina Krause











Today we have a little "Babe in Bondage" action. Actually it's a "Babe In Handcuffs" as Erika Eleniak plays a naval prisoner being transported. Along the way a lucky dude removes her cuffs and gets to play with her tasty melons in the sack. Caps and three clips.






Notes and collages

Four Rooms












Our one and only really good look at Kate Beckinsale - and at age 20 at that!

Film clips here. Samples below.







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Today's star is Adelaide Bon in Sur Le Fil







Confessions of a Lap Dancer


The last caps and clips from this film:

This group includes Lisa Comshaw (collages only - the relevant clip was sent in with the Blake Pickett load), Amy Lindsay (who uses the nom de something, Linsey Ames), one uncredited stripper that Mr. Skin identified as pornstar Janine Lindemulder and five other uncredited strippers known only to God and the producer of this movie. Asked the Gimp how many uncredited strippers he has in his database. The boy told me there are over 300 movies with unidentified clothing removal professionals cavorting in their birthday suits. So I was thinking we should have a shrine put up, a loving tribute to the nameless ones who took off their clothes for you and me.

Things to pay attention to in this batch:

Janine's performance (film clips) is quadruple B - boobs, butt, bush and bunghole. Guess when a gal dances around in the altogether she cannot help but give the camera a good look at the netherest of her nether regions. Leaves one to wonder what sights of Blake Pickett's body were left on the cutting room floor. You know, it would be a public service that just might make somebody some serious wampum - collect all the outtakes from stripper movies and put 'em together on one disk. Showgirls alone would be worth the price of a DVD.

Amy Lindsay (film clips) in a stripper movie? Duh - for maybe the tenth time. But she plays an accountant. And she boffs the owner of a strip club who is a decent, generous guy. The odds on that combination stagger the imagination.


Lisa plays the surprised wifey whose wonderfully generous husband buys her a hooker for her birthday. And all I was going to get my wife is 60-inch LCD with Blue Ray player and season 1 of The Girls Next Door.

And at the end of things, the uncredited strippers (film clip). Stuck together a half-dozen short scenes into one clip of all the gals dancing a la lap. One gal - Stripper 1 - reminds me of a scene in Witness. The Amish farmer is appalled at Harrison Ford's lack of skill in milking a cow. So he asks Harri, "Haven't you ever had a teet in your hand?" Ford's answer: "Not one this large." Well he would have, had he dated this woman.







Enter the DragonScan

Laura Bozzone in Brutal Massacre
Hayley-Marie Coppin in Cashback
Jennifer Esposito in Crash
Christine Fuller in Cashback
Suzanna Hamilton in 1984
Angelina Jolie in Original Sin
Bai Ling in Edmond

Kelly Monaco in Idle Hands

Pamela Prati in Riflessi de luce

Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan

Ada Tauler in Love Camp

Janine-May Tinsley in Cashback

Catherine Zeta-Jones in 1001 Nights







A nice collage of long-waisted Claire Danes


Film Clips

Bianca Lewin in En la Cama (2005)

Yvonne Schoenherr in Die Stein (2008 - new German TV series hot off the presses. Sample below)