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Beauty Betrayed


Beauty Betrayed (2000) is a soft core whodunnit with a staggering 8 women showing skin.

Renee Rea, after having sex with a photographer, is shot to death in the shower by someone she knows. Fan of Renee? Don't worry, she shows back up in a film within the film, again in a fantasy sequence, and one more time as her twin sister.

A detective and his girlfriend, who works for the coroner, are called to investigate. He arrives on the scene to find out that he won't be working solo on this case. He has been assigned a pushy female partner. Since the deceased is a model, and prime suspects include other models, the head of the modeling agency, her twin sister and a horny photographer, and also since our detective is something of a horndog, there is ample opportunity for nudity on the way to the final solution. Oh, and those who think they have already figured out whodunnit, you are all wrong. It was not the surprise twin sister.

We have nudity from Renee Rea, Vicca, Mia Zottoli, Samm Croft, Tracy Ryan, Keri Windsor, Devinn Lane, Mia Zottoli and Anna de Cardi, including a rather nice girl/girl scene with Keri Windsor and Devinn Lane.

This is a clear C, a solid genre picture. The plot is not bad, and avoids most clichés, there are lots of naked women, most of the cast is likable, and some of the sex scenes have heat. The music was not oppressive, but the camera work and editing included too many cross fades, else it could have been a genre classic C+.

This has been released in the US and on cable in both an R and an Unrated version, which invalidated the IMDb score, since there is no way to know which version the voters are rating.

The unrated version is only available in the US from on a dual region (1 and 4) English NTSC DVD. For more information, click on the image below.

Beauty Betrayed (2000)



Anna DeCardi


Devinn Lane


Keri Windsor


Mia Zottoli


Renee Rea


Samm Croft



Tracy Ryan









Live and Let Die

The Time Machine went back to 1973 for the Bond movie Live and Let Die, to see a very young Jane Seymour as a delicious "Babe in Bondage."





Because we had no nudity in "Live and Let Die," today's bonus caps feature Kelly Brook and her bountiful boobs in "Three" AKA "Survival Island".









Notes and collages

Demon Rage

Ms. Wood played "Plenty O'Toole" in the Bond film "Diamonds are Forever."

I will apologize in advance before you open the thumbnails; these collages are from the DVD, yet this movie is so incredibly awful no attempt was made to clean up the VHS for DVD sales.

Do NOT rent or buy this film.


Lana Wood










The Big Bad Swim

A independent Comedy/Drama about a group of people who join a swim club, Paget Brewster leads the movie as a teacher with love problems. I remember her as the hot boss of Andy in the wrongly canceled series Andy Richter Rules the World.

Scoop's note: An assist to LC on this one for providing the film clip of Paget Brewster



Paget Brewster




Jess Weixler











Images from "behind the scenes" photoshoots of the Greek "Penthouse" magazine


Former "the wall" reality show contestant Devora Dimou

Trash "singer" Elena Venti

Former "the wall" reality show contestant Hristina Kiousi

Model Ileana Kampouraki


Former "the mission" reality show contestant Maria Patsa

Models Mervet & Brooke

Model Polina Santalovaki

Model Samantha Gouti

Post op trans - sexual Tzeni Heiloudaki, famous -among other things- for running a brothel in Rhodos island and having a well publicised affair with the local (now former) assistant district attorney.







Barbara Crampton in footage deleted from Re-Animator. You've seen the scene, but this is an extended version. Sample to the right.


The following film clips are from Defoe. The collages are Charlie's

Fanny Cottoncon in Paradis pour Tous
Marianne Basler in A Titre posthume    
A few other Marianne Basler collages not in the Encyclopedia (but in Charlie's section)






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow

Three young men who say they were in the car with Lindsay Lohan on the night of her arrest told an incredible tale to of what one called "worst night of my entire summer."  They claim they were sitting in their SUV outside a Malibu party when Lindsay had a fight with her assistant, who quit and drove off.  A furious, drunken Lohan jumped behind the wheel of their SUV and took off after her at 100 mph.  Terrified, they begged her to stop and tried to grab the wheel, but she said, "I'm a celebrity; I can do whatever the F--- I want" and threatened to sue them.  One leaped out when she briefly slowed, and she ran over his foot.  The other two say she lost the assistant, then drove to the girl's mother's house and chased her through red lights at 80 mph.  She finally stopped and was arguing with the mother when police arrived.  She told them, "The black kid was driving."

*  It was obviously a drunken lie, but the L.A. Cops beat up the black kid, just to be on the safe side.
*  One mystery remains: why did her assistant quit? 

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is now being sued by South Carolina prison inmate Jonathan Lee Riches.  Riches' barely legible, handwritten lawsuit accuses Vick of using Riches' name to obtain credit cards and sell T-shirts, subjecting Riches to microwave testing, and stealing his dogs, which Vick sold to dogfighters on eBay so he could use the money to buy missiles from Iran.  He also accuses Vick of pledging allegiance to al-Qaeda. Riches wants $63 billion, "backed by gold and silver," and delivered to him by UPS. 
*  Vick's not worried; half the stuff that Riches accuses him of isn't even true. 
*  The really weird part is, these aren't the worst things he's been accused of this month.