Today's Images.
Italian Beauties
  • More from the Italian Beauty series. Unfortunately, most of these women never show up in the IMDb, so my commentary always ends up a bit thin when we run these pics. However, it is always nice to show off new, fresh faces. First in the line up, Tatiana Azovskaja.
  • This is my favorite of today's Italian beauties, Elenoire Casalegno.
  • Next up, Sylvia Koscina.
  • Our next Italian Beauty, Mara Venier.
  • Our last offering from the series, Titziana Lodato.
  • From Elliffen Graphix
  • Elliffen has been a huge source of material for the Fun House during the past few months. More often than not, it's usually the type of material that keeps him in the running for the coveted "King of Straight-to-(video or cable)" award. Naturally, today is no exception. The next time you're in your local video store looking for some kind of "Bikini Bimbos Behind Bars" movie, try the action/adventure section. I personally guarantee you can never go wrong if you find the movies with this woman on the cover...Sybil Danning. Look for any movie from the "Sybil Danning Adventure Series", you'll go home happy. Trust me, they exist!
  • Kira Reed, a very sexy brunette. She's in an upcoming Bob Hoskins movie called "Live Virgin". She plays the character "The Naked Actress". Somehow that seems very appropriate.
  • I believe this is one of Elliffen's newest favorites, Audie England. Here she is in a "Red Shoe Diaries" episode.
  • More from "Red Shoe Diaries", the lovely, Irina Grigorieva.
  • From "Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV"
  • YES!!! Springer! It's about time I got to see some of this stuff! I guess I'm really excited because a friend of mine ordered me a copy as a birthday present, and the boneheads messed up the order and I never got to see all the "Too Hot for TV" goodies. Well, now I guess I have to quote Homer and say "Woo-Hoo"! Anyway, this first one is just a really good close up of the chick they show on the commercials. No nudity, but it sets the stage so I thought I throw it in.
  • On to the good stuff! No more hiding behind black bars! Here she is, fulfilling her "dream to pose nude". Thank you Jerry Springer!
  • Here's one more look.
  • A very special thanks to Jackie Chan for all of these vidcaps. Here's another woman who wanted to bare all on Springer. She's not quite as nice as our other girl. In fact, I think the best part about this image is where the vidcapper overlayed a little of his own text on to the Springer clips.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Lisa Comshaw. Vidcaps from "Almost Pregnant", by Helcrom. Could be a body double.
  • Next up, one of our other long time contributors, as well as contestant for the coveted "King of Straight-to" award, Don Bun. Today, he brings us the sort of stuff that is the foundation of the Fun House...Stuff from from grade Z movie with stupid titles! In fact these nest two both come from the same movie, a movie we are proud to run vidcaps from. After all, with a name like "Ilsa, the Wicked Warden", what could be bad about it?! First up, here's Lina Romay.
  • Also from "Ilsa, the Wicked Warden", Dyanne Thorne.
  • Here's an odd one, Heather Thomas! I grew up on classic TV garbage like "The Fall Guy", so this is a treat for me! These vidcaps are by Lescan of Heather from "Battle of the Network Stars"! They feature Heather in a one piece bathing suit that really shows off the great shape she was in.
  • Number two of the Heather Thomas scans. These are labelled as a 3 part series, but I only had two of them at press time.
  • Jada Pinkett gettin' jiggy with it, from "Set it Off". Probably a body double.,
  • Another very lovely unknown by Helcrom. May Karasun, vidcaps from the movie "Lake Consequence".
  • From Pal, one of Theresa Russell's many filmed nude scenes. This one is from "The Flight of the Dove".