In response to yesterday's request...Tuna comes through with these images of Peta Wilson from the Internet Movie "The Sadness of Sex".
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    "A Fish Called Wanda" (1988)

    A Fish Called Wanda A tale of murder, lust greed, Revenge and seafood, is rated #210 at IMDB, but I would put it much higher, but then I am a Jamie Lee Curtis fan, and consider this her best performance. I suspect all of you know the plot, which is the story of 4 people who steal a lot of diamonds, then spend the movie double-crossing each other. Even though I have seen it numerous times, it never fails to entertain me. Although Jamie never actually showed any of the naughty bits, there are some nice underwear shots and a lot of cleavage.

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  • Johnny Web
    More new releases. (NOTE: TomCat wrote to tell me that I made a cut-and-paste error on the date of "Miss Zuza's Diamonds". It is a 1971 movie.) "Trial By Jury" (1994)

    This is a cliched jury story. Joanne Whalley-Kilmer is a single mother and an entrepreneur who could easily get out of jury duty because of her circumstances, but she won't do so because of her sense of civic responsibility.

    Bad choice, because she ends up on the panel hearing a multiple felony trial against a mafia don.

    During the trial, the don and his minions need an "innocent" vote, so they threaten her, her child, her pets, her business, yadda, yadda, yadda. The don even makes a personal visit to her house and fucks her while the trial is going on. He's out on bail, I suppose. Maybe they just let him out for a conjugal visit. By the way, he's Don Rusty. OK, I admit Don Vito sounds kind of scary, but Don Rusty? Sounds more like a veteran pinch hitter.

    When the jury retires to deliberate, the evidence is overwhelmingly against the ol' don. And it's not subtle. He personally strangled people's mothers at home plate of Yankee Stadium during a world series game, then admitted it that night when he was hosting Saturday Night Live, and told people how much he enjoyed killing. Or something like that. But Whalley holds out as the dissenter in an 11-1 vote, because the evidence isn't very convincing to her.

    Needless to say, the other jurors think she's full of, um, the Holy Spirit, but be that as it may, the don goes free until he can be retried.

    Call me cautious, but if I had been the judge, I would have sequestered the jury in such a case, but even without sequestering it's hard to believe that he can just come to her house and rape her senseless during the trial. I found all this to be stretching my credulity a bit. Of course not as much as the opening scene, in which the government's star witness, Tony "The Stoolie" Scungulli, is killed in a hotel room he shares with five armed guards, because they let in an unknown hooker in to gratify his lusts. I guess this shows that all law enforcement officials are as dumb as they are powerless.

    This movie was such a mistake, that it wasn't surprising that the box office topped off at seven million. The same-old same-old script, the complete lack of plausibility, the lack of star power (Whalley is reasonably attractive and reasonably talented, but she sure doesn't have the kind of charisma needed to carry a picture.), the cliched dialogue, the one-dimensional cartoon characters. What a turkey!

    Whalley never gave up the goods, except in a non-revealing shower scene. Kathleen Quinlan, as the murderous hooker, showed off a very impressive derriere for a 40 year old woman. Speaking of age, is anyone but me suspicious of Whalley's 1964 birthdate? She was supposed to be 29 when this film was made, but she looked closer to 40. Oh, she looked good enough, and she dressed to the nines, but she didn't look 29.

    Quinlan Whalley

    "Oxygen" (1999)

    Adrian Brody plays a psycho who buries a woman alive in order to get a ransom from her zillionaire husband. Obviously, the police can't afford to kill him during the apprehension, because he's the only one who knows where she's buried.

    Maura Tierney plays a highly competent but secretly masochistic cop whose proclivities Brody senses and exploits, at least up to a certain point.

    Although it isn't a bad story, and the suspense is sustained at a high pitch by good actors, I don't think the film ever had a U.S. theatrical release. Don't expect a cinema classic, but it's a better movie than Trial By Jury, which was released to theaters.

    There isn't any nudity, but Laila Robbins was buried alive in her underwear.


    "Sour Grapes" (1998)

    Steven Weber does an uncanny impersonation of Jerry Seinfeld in this film, which was written and directed by Seinfeld's Larry David. In fact, it's a Seinfeld episode. Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld where they used the score from The Barber of Seville to underline a comic-opera plot about Jerry being unfaithful to his barber? Well, there aren't any barbers here, but they used the exact same device, right down to the exact same music.

    Here's the plot that is probably a rejected script from Seinfeld: Kramer is about to play his last quarter in a slot machine. George tells him that you can't win the jackpot unless you play three quarters. Kramer, down on his luck as usual, has only one quarter, so George gives him two more. Kramer hits the jackpot. George seethes because Kramer intends to keep the entire $400,000, even though he won using George's quarters and George's advice. They "get" each other back and forth ad infinitum.

    They changed the character names, and some of their personality traits, and had the incident happen to the Jerry guy instead of the George guy, but you'll get the idea. Incidentally, the George character can't get the Jerry guy's receptionist to go out with him because she's seen him in his underwear, because Jerry doesn't make her knock before entering the room. Sound kinda familiar?

    An episode of Seinfeld is 22 minutes without the commercials. The running time here is more than four times as long. Anyway, if you'd like to see a ninety minute four-part Seinfeld without the regular characters, here's your chance.

    The brief nudity was supplied by Karen Sillas

    "Gorace piaski" (1969), from Johnny Web and TomCat

    Malgorzata Braunek starred in this B&W Polish film (marketed in English as "Hot Sands" and "Shifting Sands") directed by Wladyslaw Slesicki. According to TomCat, who did the captures, Ms Braunek is now retired from films, and he knows of no other film where she did nudity that included her face in the frames.

    Again TomCat did the caps, and I assembled them. The last one is some frames of Braunek in another film, from another imager.

    Braunek has also been in: "Polowanie na muchy" (Hunting Flies) 1969 db Andrzej Wajda "Potopie" (Deluge) 1974 db Jerzy Hoffman "Diabel" (Evil) 1972 db Andrzej Zulawski

    Braunek in "Hot Sands" (1, 2, 3) Braunek in "Potopie"

    Gloria Mestre
    (1, 2)
    Comments by OZ
    "Foxhole in Cairo" is an enjoyable World War 2 drama set in Egypt, presumably based on a real story. Rommel wanted to know what Montgomery was doing before attacking. Gloria played an Egyptian dancer and spy who was going to do the dirty work. She didn't particularly like the Germans, but she hated the British more. The British found out and tried to provide her with false information. We all know the final result.

    Don't expect much nudity for a movie nearly 40 years old. Gloria was supposed to be topless but you can see that she wasn't. She was, however, bottomless!

    Joanna Roth
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    "The Plant" could probably be best described as a quirky British drama. It's worth watching, if only to see Joanna Roth in all her glory.
    Mädchen Amick Mädchen is not nude in this cap from "Fallen Angels" which is a series of short movies. The particular episode is called "Love and Blood". Although non-nude, she is certainly inviting.

    Jr's Comments: If I recall correctly, "Fallen Angels" was originally filmed for Showtime. Basically a bunch of Early 90's Hollywood players decided to make some film noire indies. If memory serves, most of the shorts were actually very entertaining. The series was put out on video, but I don't remember seeing it on any video store shelves since '94.

    C2000...Part 2, the Revenge
    Alicia Witt A second look at some 'caps he send in a few days ago, only this time, more frames, and more nudity! Here is Alicia from "Four Rooms"
    Arkie Whiteley From "The Last Musketeer"
    Lisa Robin Kelly That 70's show co-star topless from the movie "Amityville Dollhouse".
    Lorri Bagley From "Tommy Boy".
    WhyScan's Page Three Report
    If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
    Today's Page 3 girl....Sarah-Jayne, 20, from Essex. (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Birge Schade All of Schmutz's images are a little something for our fans of German TV. Of course, you don't have to be German to enjoy these.
    Esther Haussmann Full frontal 'caps from "Wehner - Die unerzählte Geschichte".
    Joana Schümer Topless vidcaps from the series "Balko".
    Katja Flint Vidcaps from "Die Sieger".
    Stephanie Kindermann Brief topless flash from "Rotwang muß weg!"
    Sabrina Rattey Nice down-shirt peek from "Der Laden". Non-German viewers may have also seen her in a recent episode of "Lexx".
    Monika Schwarz From "Das Viereck"
    Gruschenka Stevens Topless in these 'caps from "Widows".
    Patricia Thielemann Topless vidcaps from "Rotwang muß weg!".
    and ...
    Leah Harper Brit Page 3 Babe topless in these 'caps from "Sex TV", by Bobdfish. To quote Mr. Burns...."Excellent"
    Virginia Madsen
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    From "Candyman", by Watty. Mostly side breast shots, but links #3 and #4, both feature clear frontal views.
    Youma Diakite
    (1, 2)
    Images from the Italian Maxim
    Catherine Bell Can you say Hot? I know ZonononZor has been a huge fan of Catherine for a while...I no longer need to ask why. Thanks to Bad Ax for this one from the Aussie FHM.
    Cameron Diaz This is cool....A sneak peak from the upcoming "Charlie's Angels" movie. Naturally, she looks amazing! Especially in the bikini 'caps!
    "Coyote Ugly" babes Great layout from Maxim, by Maelstrom's Eye. Ok, the women are beautiful, but I still refuse to see this movie for two reasons....
  • It has one of the dumbest names in movie history.
  • I already saw "Cocktail" in 1988! I think one movie about beautiful people who can spin bottles of vodka well enough to make the Harlem Globetrotters jealous is all I need.
  • Liz Hurley An excellent topless paparazzi pics of the Shagadelic Ms. Hurley!

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