"The Shining"

Kubrick does Stephan King. Rated #107 in the IMDB top 250, and considered by many to be a masterpiece of horror, I find this to be Stanley's worst effort. Yes, the photography and lighting is pure Kubrick genius, and Nicholson goes mad very convincingly, but Duvall as his wife is not even a little bit endearing, the pace is a lot like watching grass grow, and the film is about twice as long as the plot line. The exposure is a ghost (Lia Beldam) that kisses Nicholson then turns into a decomposing old woman.

Nicholson, his wife and young son become off-season caretakers for a snow-bound hotel. Resident ghosts soon drive Jack insane.


Lia Beldam (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

"Dark Habor" (1999)

Dark Harbor is dark indeed, but not very good. I bickering couple on their way to their private island for the weekend pick up an odd tramp. The three of them plot against each other. There is some decent scenery, lots of talking, and very little acting. This is the only exposure ever from Polly Walker. See image one for a side view of most of her breast. She is still very active, so hopefully she will elect to show us more.

The ending of the film is a little bit of a surprise, but did not take my breath away. Frankly, there was not a single character to like and the film was way too talky. I figured if anyone died, it would likely make the world a better place.


Polly Walker (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Graphic Response
  • Polly Shannon Vidcaps from "The Girl Next Door".
  • Stella Stevens in "The Ballad of Cable Hogue".
  • Katherine Heigl at around 15 or 16 from "My Father the Hero". This is the now somewhat famous thong scene.
  • C2000
    Comments and movie review by C2000:
    Caps from "Simpatico". There is no nudity but Kimberly Williams looks beautiful.
    This is a story of bribery, blackmail and the fixing of horse races. There are two threads running in parallel. In the current version the characters are played by Jeff Bridges (Liam), Nick Nolte (Vinny) and Sharon Stone (Rosie). Rosie is married to Liam who is a successful businessman while Vinny is a down and out. However he has the photographs and contacts Liam. While Liam searches for the photographs, Vinny contacts Rosie and asks her to leave with him. She refuses and ends up shooting the horse while Liam and Vinny make up or at least have had enough of the world.

    The second story introduces us to the background of the relationship between the three. Kimberly Williams is alluring as the young Rosie. They win large sums by swapping a good horse for a nag that has long odds. When the Race Commissioner Sims (Albert Finney) cottons on to the plot they first attempt to bribe him. When that fails he is seduced by Rosie and secretly photographed by Vinny. The photographs are used to blackmail Sims. However Rosie is affected by having to humiliate herself and clearly holds a grudge against Vinny who came up with the idea. Her subsequent behaviour creates the situation changes the lives of Vinny and Liam and eventually her own.

    In the final race the trio make another large winning and call it a day but Rosie leaves with Liam leaving Vinny, who had just proposed to her, behind. Rosie also reports the fixing to the papers which leads to the humiliation of Sims.

    I enjoyed this movie and although the presence of two storylines requires concentration it is well acted and scripted.

    There was no nudity in this movie. There is a solitary sex scene between Williams and Finney. I guess this was a really "essential to the plot sex scene" I have included caps from the sex scene and some facial caps as well of Kimberly Williams who as usual looks beautiful and much younger than she is.

    Kimberly Williams (1, 2)

    Monica Bellucci
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
    Not much in the nudity department, but all of these images are terrific scans of some of the hottest models in the world doing what they do best...posing!

    Nudity report:of these 6...#1 has some nice cleavage, #2 is a sexy lingerie pic, and #5 has a nip slip.

    Claudia Pandolfi
    (1, 2, 3)
    As someone who dabbles in the photographic arts...I just #3 is a cool shot. But as far as skin....#2 has the wet see-thru action with clear exposure
    Sierra Huisman No skin, sorry.
    Catherine Zeta-Jones A little cleavage from an Alfa Romeo ad.
    Gisele Bundchen Gisele in black undies, and unfortunately a scrawny and really hairy dweeb in his.
    Estella Warren Wow! Now this beats the socks off of those crappy desktop wallpaper choices Windows gives you!
    Bjork Cousin It?
    Alessia Marcuzzi Topless, and almost revealing. Still a sexy scan,
    Marie Fosberg  
    Tatjana Patitiz
    and ...
    Catherine Bell Super hot scan of Catherine from the the Aussie FHM, by Bad Ax.
    Jaime Pressly
    (1, 2)
    From the Jerry Springer movie "Ringmaster" by Evil Scan. Excellent posterior 'caps!

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