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  • Here is the correct Tuna file, correctly labeled, from Zandalee. It is actually Erika Anderson, not Mari Kornhauser.
  • From the mailbox: "there was a local TV crew attending a Women's Water Polo match in Canada sometime during the last two years. The game was somewhere in Eastern Canada. This sport had long been denied recognition as an official Olympic event, so the Canadian National Team stripped off their suits and showed their wares to the cameras in order to obtain support for their cause. I believe the sport has now been recognized, so they won't do it again. Any caps of this footage? Here are two samples I found on a message board, and they appear to substantiate the rumor. Here's one. Here's the other.
  • Crow
  • Debra McMichael didn't get naked at Fully Loaded last weekend, but she wore one hot bikini.
  • Debra McMichael.
  • Debra McMichael.
  • Master Bagger
  • MasterBagger captures Victoria Silvstedt in Personalities
  • MasterBagger captures Victoria Silvstedt in Personalities
  • Graphic Response
  • new GR collage of Daryl Hannah in "At Play in the Fields of the Lord"
  • new Gr collage of JoBeth Williams in "Teachers".
  • More
  • A VERY young Bo Derek in "Fantasies", new from DonBun
  • one more of Bo in "Fantasies"
  • another new Donbun, Victoria Nesbitt in Murder Weapon
  • Scorpion presentation of Mandy Leigh full frontal. She has a beautiful head of hair. The rest of her ain't so bad either.
  • one more of Mandy Leigh, from Scorpion
  • new Slartibartfast collage of Kerstin Landsmann in "Verbotene Liebe"
  • new Slartibartfast collage of Cheryl Shepard in "Frauenknast"
  • new Slartibartfast collage of Saskia Valencia in "Polizeiruf 110, Khan's 109th Revenge". Personally, I stopped following the Polizeiruf series around number 63. (Just kidding - 110 must be the German equivalent of 911)
  • Maelstrom's version of Gretha Cavazzoni in Photo mag