TV Recap

There was some good nudity in Power last night (s2e2). Naturi Naughton got frisky in the shower, and Kaitlin Mesh and Rachel Annette Helson got into a threesome. Here's the 720p video (caps below).

We move to Norway, where Silvio from the Sopranos is hiding out. Yeah, he'd blend right in with those Nordic good looks and perfect command of the language, although in all fairness, I can't understand him when he speaks English, so his Norwegian might be an improvement. This isn't new, just awesome. Gorgeous Victoria Winge stark naked in s2e7 of Lillyhammer - in 1080hd!

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"Masters of Sex"

Season One



Alison Janney

Lizzy Caplan

Rose McIver

TV and Film Clips

Jen Yeager and Grace Kosmider in The Jokesters (2015) in 720p



Sarah Chronis in Bloedlink (2014) in 1080hd


A nip-slip from Natalie Imbruglia

Britney Spears seems to have gotten back in shape

Some HD stills from Girl House (2014)

Ali Cobrin

Elysia Rotaru

Chasty Ballesteros


and a few new Celebrity Bottoms

Faith Rayah in Raiders of the Lost Shark

Hayley Atwell in episode five of Pillars of the Earth

Lena Headey's body double (Rebecca van Cleave) in Game of Thrones

Nate Bova in Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

Sigrid Bouaziz in Pour la France

Viva Blanca in Night of Vengeance