Here's Oz's revised collages of Lauren German in The Divide. Oz wrote: "They were a blast from the past! I have corrected the labels. I actually have a new set of caps from The Divide with Lauren and Rosanna Arquette that I will be working on in the foreseeable future."

TV Recap:

Veronica auditioned at Naked News (July 24th, 1080hd)


Paula Malcomson was topless briefly in a non-sexual scene in Ray Donovan, s4e5


Nothing in Ballers or Survivor's Remorse

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"Five Days"

s1e4, 1920x1080

Sarah Smart

This week, movies from 2001 to 2003:

Being Ron Jeremy

The DVD extras for Being Ron Jeremy (2003) are better than the actual movie when it comes to nudity. There are lots of naked women, mainly porn stars:

Alexandra Nice

Alexandra Nice in the DVD extras


Gauge in the DVD extras

Kelly Fire

Kelly Fire in the DVD extras

Kendra Jade

Kendra Jade in the DVD extras

Kira Eggers

Kira Eggers in the DVD extras

Mary Carey

Mary Carey in the DVD extras

Meghan Alexander

Mia Crowe

Mia Crowe in the DVD extras

Monique Dane

Monique Dane in the DVD extras

Teri Weigel

Teri Weigel in the DVD extras

One not identified


Luna Piccoli Truffaut in the music video for La Glanda (2016) in 1080hd

various women in the music video for Wrong Blood (2016) in 1080hd


All comments by Johnny Moronic

Scare Campaign


Scare Campaign is a horror thriller about the people behind a scary prank TV show called Scare Campaign where they set up people in supernatural scenarios. But the head of the network (Sigrid Thornton) wants something more realistic and uses a violent online show as an example. The producer Marcus (Ian Meadows), is up to the challenge even though he's perfectly happy with what they were doing and manages to talk his lead actress/lover Emma (Meegan Warner) into one more show even though she is sick of it. They are joined by exuberant newcomer Abby (Olivia DeJonge) for the final show of the season where they are going to scare the former worker of a mental institution Rohan (Josh Quong Tart). Everything is going fine and the twist in the show is falling into place but then members of the show begin to be killed for real by what looks like member of the online show they were shown. So, is it real and if it is, who will survive?

Very good horror movie, not so much with the scares, but with the intriguing premise which plays out. Made by a couple of brothers whose first movie, 100 Bloody Acres, is also fairly good, so it looks like there's a decent horror team in the making here.

Taryn Gionis
film clip (sample below)

Me and My Mates vs The Zombie Apocalypse


Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse is a Canberra set zombie comedy that takes place at a telephony exchange where a bunch of telecom tradesman gather to hole up against the coming zombie apocalypse.

Stars a bunch of comedians (Jim Jefferies, Greg Fleet, Alex Williamson, Adele Vuko) and there's not much to the plot, so it obviously goes for laughs and it has a few, but it doesn't feel as funny as it should be considering what it's going for.

Dorothy Kosci
film clip (sample below)

Mad Max Fury Road

2015 deleted scene

Debra Ades
film clip (sample below)

TV/Film Clips

Estelle Richard in L'Origine des especes (2016) in 1080hd

Elisabeth Moss in two episodes of Top of the Lake in 1080hd

These clips have been augmented by color and lighting adjustment - and are gorgeous!

Elisabeth Moss in episode six

Elisabeth Moss in episode five


Maitland Ward - yes, still more recent body-painted shenanigans

Charlotte McKinney

Caitlin Stasey

from Charisma Carpenter's Instagram