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(season 1, 2004, episode 12)

Paget Brewster film clips in 1080p! Samples below.






Fastlane (2002) was a short-lived series of 22 episodes. These caps are from the last few episodes. No visible nudity but plenty of lovely women, notably Tiffani Thiessen and her silicone-enhanced bumpers.

Episode 16 - Slippery Slope

Jamie Brown - sexy

Jennifer Sky - topless, but the old hands over the boobs trick


Episode 17 - Simone says

Mischa Barton - down to her underwear


Tiffani Thiessen - sexy

Unknown - cleavage

Episode 18 - Monster

Rebecca Mader - sexy

Tiffani Thiessen - sexy

Unknown - pokies

Episode 19 - Overkill

Gayle Brown - nice

Rowena King - sexy

Tiffani Thiessen - cleavage

Unknown - sexy bikini-clad beauties

Episode 20 - Asslane

Naomi Campbell - sexy

Navi Rawat - sexy

Tiffani Thiessen - down to her underwear


Unknown - sexy

Episode 21 - Dosed

Ali Landry - cleavage

Tiffani Thiessen - pokies

Unknown - sexy

Episode 22 - Iced

Tiffani Thiessen - sexy


Death in Love


If you are into masturbation, this drama is your cup of tea, otherwise, probably not. It is basically boring most of the time, and obnoxious some of the time. Morena Baccarin of Serenity and V fame has a small but nice nude scene, but that doesnt make up for its shortfalls.

In order to survive wartime Nazi Germany, a Jewish woman (Jacqueline Bisset) seduces a Nazi doctor. Decades later, as a result, one of her sons son drifts through a life without purpose, while the other son has a stifling relationship with the mother. A surprise in the last 30 seconds is interesting but doesn't save the movie.

What we are left with a brainfart of a movie, with the biggest question being "Why bother"? The caps are from the Blu-ray version, but the quality was still horrible.

Morena Baccarin Vanessa Kai various



Torture porn released only in Europe and Asia. The cinematography sucks and the 3D version sucks even more.

Kristin Kowalski: topless.

Tegan Moss: sexy but showing only her bellybutton.

hottub babe: topless?

Chicks with Sticks

(2004; aka "Anyone's Game")

wimmin-versus-men hockey movie.

Jessalyn Gilsig: sexy.

Juliette Marquis: side boob and wicked tattoo,

Natassia Malthe: bare back in shower.

Chantal Perron: bare back in shower, sports bra.

Tanya Allen: sports bra.

Vanessa Holmes: sports bra.

Michie Mee: sexy.

poster: teammates in skivvies.

The Shower


Second re-cap as I dug up the videocassette and burned this movie to DVD.

Janet-Laine Green: buns and partial boob.

Kate Lynch: buns by Bill Murray's girlfriend from Meatballs.

Krista Bridges: sexy.

My Brother's Keeper


Mandy Schaffer: sexy.

On the Block


A cautionary tale of an aspiring dancer who becomes a stripper in the Baltimore redlight district.

Marilyn Jones: bra and granny panties as stripper,black panties getting raped.

strippers: various nudity.

On Consignment 2

(2009; V)

Rather tame sequel to the Czechsploitation classic, but another sequel "On Consignment 3" is being released in September by and it has very explicit lesbian sex.

Marie Veckova: nude as French maid this time.

Lucie Oborna

Hardcore action in bonus section of "The Dark Siide of Suzan". Here we're lucky if a popstar goes topless at a beach. This Czech popstar only appeared in a couple of Czechsploitation flicks but she also appears in a number of adult videos as Margarita.



Big Brother 12: Rachel

Big Brother 12: Kristen

Anne Charrier in Paid

More Paris Hilton (bikini only)

Kate Major (supposedly taken and sold by Lohan's father)




Amber Michaels in Bordello Exposed (sample below)

Rosanne Mulholland in Falsa Loura (sample below)

Norma Ruiz and Salome Jimenez in Tension Sexual No Resuelta (samples below)

Suzanna Hamilton and Shirley Stelfox in 1984 in 720p