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Adventures of a Taxi Driver

Tonight's contribution is mainly British in flavour and all caps are from the 70s. The Adventures of a Taxi Driver (1976) is the first of a trilogy of 'Adventures'. They were what could be called British sex farces and all have plenty of naked women.

Angela Scoular is the most revealing of all the women.

Anna Bergman

Gloria Walker

Jane Hayden

and Prudence Drage show their breasts.

Adrienne Posta

Judy Geeson

and Liz Fraser are clothed, but add to the tone of the movie.

as does some background flesh

Adventures of a Private Eye

The second movie is Adventures of a Private Eye (1977).

Linda Regan is shown in all her glory.

Adrienne Posta

Angela Scoular

Hilary Pritchard

Maria (yes, she just has a first name)

Nicola Austine

and an unidentified actress are topless.

Linda Cunningham is down to her underwear

Liz Fraser

and Suzy Kendall look good.


Adventures of a Plumber's Mate

The final of the trilogy is Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (1978), the least humourous but with the most nudity.

Linda Benson

and Suzy Mandel show the lot.

A few unidentified women also show everything. There is a director's commentary but unfortunately he doesn't help with the identification. I've identified one of the party girls as Pat Astley. The three tennis players are Tessa Skola, Linda Hartley and Vicki Scott. I can't be sure about their  identification so I've just labelled the files with a B, C and D respectively. Tessa and Linda do not seem to have any other credits (there is a mistake in the IMDB).






Claire Davenport (! - shades of Kathy Bates)

and Theresa Wood are topless.

Anna Quayle

Elaine Page

and Prudence Drage look good.



Not Now Darling

Not Now Darling (1973) is another British sex farce. It was PG rated and so the nudity is less.

Julie Ege is topless, although I've seen caps showing a bit more.

Barbara Windsor should have been topless but the double-sided tape was working overtime.

Trudi Van Doorn (aka Geraldine Gardner) does the hands over the boobs trick

and Joan Sims is in her underwear.


Get Carter


Get Carter (1971) is the original and the best, and has more naked ladies than the 2000 remake.

Geraldine Moffatt shows the lot


Britt Ekland

and Dorothy White are topless.

Rosemarie Dunham is down to her underwear

and Petra Markham is the person about whom the movie is about and the cause of all the deaths.


The Erotic Adventures of Zorro

One of shows I liked to watch as a kid was the nth rerun of Guy Williams as Zorro. It was nothing like The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (1972). Nearly all the women are completely naked:

Lynn Harris,

Starlyn Simone,

(Harris + Simone)

Penny Boran,


Robyn Whitting,


Kathy Kilton,

Becky Perlman

(Kilton + Perlman)

and some who weren't identified.


"Carry on Laughing"


This was a short-lived 1970s series based on the Carry On films. Short-lived (only 13 episodes were made) mainly I think because the 30 minute episodes weren't very funny.

Series 1 Episode 1 The Prisoner of Spenda

Diane Langton - cleavage

Barbara Windsor - cleavage and possibly a nip-slip

Series 1 Episode 2 The Baron Outlook

Barbara Windsor - cleavage and see-through pokies

Diane Langton - cleavage

Linda Hooks - a whole lot of leg

Series 1 Episode 3 The Sobbing Cavalier

Barbara Windsor - cleavage

Series 1 Episode 4 Orgy and Bess

Barbara Windsor - cleavage

Series 1 Episode 5 One in the Eye for Harold

Diane Langton - nipple poking out

Linda Hooks - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 3 And in My Lady's Chamber

Barbara Windsor - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 6 Who Needs Kitchener

Barbara Windsor - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 7 Lamp-Posts of the Empire

Barbara Windsor - in her underwear







Dream On

Part 3 of ?

Season 2: Denice Duff DVD film clip (frame captures below)

Season 2: Laura Albert DVD film clip (frame captures below)

Season 2: Paula Trickey DVD film clip (frame captures below)







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Notes and collages

"Just Shoot Me"

s5. e7

Laura San Giacomo









Sophie Reade of Big Brother 10. Read all about her here.

Upgraded scans: Lily Allen topless

Upgraded scans: Evan Rachel Wood, including a nude

Natasa Vojnovic

Darcy Fowers in Messengers 2: The Scarecrow


Aniston pokies


Film Clips

Julianna Guill in the HD version of Friday the 13th (2009 remake)

Julie Benz in an episode of "Dexter" ("It's Alive)

A rarely seen topless scene which was cut from the North American version of Untamed Heart. Marisa Tomei topless - and young!

Holly Hunter in "Saving Grace", s3, e6 in HD. (The sample to the right was taken from a non-HD source. The actual film clip linked here is 1280x720.)
Angela Winkler in The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (samples right)
Hardcore star Jazella Moore in a very brief 1280x720 excerpt from "Leg Sex" (The sample to the right shows the entire film, not just this clip). Her real name is Anabela Janke, and she's sort of a celebrity for today, in her 15 minutes of fame. To see why, read this story.