Today's Images.
Marilyn Monroe Part 2
  • One more of Ms. Monroe as most of us remember her, with her platinum blonde hair.
  • New Stuff from Arcane
  • Arcane is a newer contributor to the Fun House, and so far his submissions have been great. I'm sure we'll continue to see better and better collages showing off his "magic". First up is a collage of Kathleen Turner. Fear not, it's before she bulked up( to quote Cartman, "Beefcake! Beefcake!"). I thought these images came from "Body Double", but one of Scoopy Sr.'s heroes, Rutger Hauer, is in one of the frames, so some could come from "A Breed Apart".
  • Kathleen Quinlan is a big favorite of a hacker buddy of mine. Thankfully, I've managed to avoid him every time he suggested we watch "Zeus and Roxanne". After all, the Fun House is Guttenberg free, and Scoopy Sr. and I have sworn to uphold that oath, both on and off line!
  • Elizabeth Berkley. Naturally, stuff from "Showgirls". I'm still waiting for a part 2! After all, they left so much unsaid! I mean she just leaves Vegas at the end? Where was she heading? L.A., New York, Jerry Springer's Show?
  • A new series from Boat Fan
  • Boat fan has just started a new series featuring more of the classic beauties from the golden days of cinema. He's got a lot of wonderful actresses to work with, and a lot of years as well. His first offerings are Sex Symbols of the 1930's. To begin, here is Louise Brooks. Louise made 25 films in the late 20's and early 30's, and because of her style was a bit unusual for the time, she kept her hair dark, and was regarded as being a modern woman, she was not especially popular in Hollywood during her time.
  • Marlene Dietrich, the famous German born actress, and screen legend. During the peak of her career, Marlene was the highest paid actress in Hollywood.
  • Jean Harlow, one of the sexiest stars of the 30's, with one of the most tragic stories, as she died in 1937 at the age of 26.
  • Hedy Lamarr, naturally if you're anything like Scoopy Sr. and myself, your first thought is "That's Hedley". Scoop Sr. and I recently had the discussion about "Blazing Saddles", and we agreed that it should've been in the AFI's top 100 list.
  • Moving on to th 1940's, Boat Fan starts us off with this collage of Joan Crawford, everyone's favorite real life "Mommie Dearest".
  • Rita Hayworth, the sexy dancer was also nicknamed "The Love Goddess". Some legends say the Margarita cocktail was named for her when she was dancing under her real name (Margarita Carmen Cansino) in a Tijuana, Mexico nightclub.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Irene Miracle. Vidcaps from 1978's "Midnight Express", by Elliffen Graphix.
  • Audie England. She's been in a bunch of "Red Shoe Diaries" episodes. Vidcaps by Elliffen Graphix.
  • From the Anonymous Guy, Angelia High. Vidcaps from "Love Street".
  • I've never been a big fan of Minnie Driver, but I give Red Wings bonus points for these vidcaps of her from the movie "Circle of Friends". He managed to 'cap these wonderful cleavage shots of the British actress.
  • More from The Anonymous Guy, Amy Hargreaves from the movie "Brainscan". This was supposed to be Edward Furlong's big movie after he played the street punk John Connor in "T-2". Needless to say, where is he now?
  • Sandra Bernhard is another celeb who I personally don't care for, but since she often tries to wear as little as possible, I won't deny her fans any images based on personal preference. It's another one of those mysterious Fun House rules. These are from her recent HBO special.