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Mildred Pierce

2011 TV version

Today: episode 5 in 1080p

Evan Rachel Wood film clip (See below)



Today's 1970s clip:

Judith Brown in Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973)




Finishing the seventh season of Baywatch and starting the eighth season, which were made in 1997.

Season 7

Episode 13 - Chance of a Lifetime

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Dana Daurey - sexy

Episode 14 - Talk Show

Barbara Mandrell - interesting

Gena Lee Nolin - lovely

Yamine Bleeth - pokies

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 15 - Life Guardian

Gena Lee Nolin - very sexy

Unknown - bikini models

Episode 17 - Rendezvous

Jessica Bowman - lovely

Marliece Andrada - sexy mermaid

Pamela Anderson - cleavage

Episode 18 - Hot Water

Carrie Richards - nudist but covered

Danielle Evon Corley - another nudist, also covered

Gena Lee Nolin - sexy

Nancy Valen - bikini

Shiri Appleby - the shape of things to come

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy

Episode 20 - Baywatch at Sea World

Julie Michaels - she kept Dalton interested!

Episode 21 - Golden Girls

Layla Roberts - sexy


Shay Todd - lovely

Episode 22 - Nevermore

Pamela Anderson - sexy

Season 8

Episode 1 - Rookie Summer

Carmen Electra - pokies

Ingrid Walters - lovely

Kelly Packard - sexy

Marliece Andrada - sexy

Episode 2 - Next Generation

Carmen Electra - nice

Kelly Packard - sexy

Maliece Andrada - nice

Sonia Satra - very sexy

Unknown - the crocheted bikini rises again

Episode 3 - The Choice

Angelica Bridges - lovely

Donalee Wood - sexy

Donna D'Errico - sexy

Maliece Andrada - pokies

Episode 4 - Memorial Day

Carmen Electra - pokies

Kelly Packard - sexy

Maliece Andrada - pokies

Unknown - cleavage

Episode 6 - Lifeguard Confidential

Carmen Electra - pokies

Chantal Cloobeck - cleavage

Yasmine Bleeth - underwear

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 7 - Out of the Blue

Kelly Packard - bikini

Yasmine Bleeth - soaped up sexiness

Episode 8 - Eel nino

Carmen Electra - bikini

Kelly Packard - sexy

Unknown - pokies


"Barney's Version"


Movie based on the Mordecai Richler novel. The main problem with this movie is the novel contains X-rated material but the screenplay was dumbed down to a PG rating. And there's over a dozen deleted scenes on the DVD which could have been included so this movie can make more sense.

Rosamund Pike: side boob and buns

Minnie Driver: bare back having sex, about to give BJ.

Rachelle Lefevre: sexy only. Notice that the banana scene in the deleted scenes section is similar to the Minnie Driver BJ scene.

Macha Grenon: sexy as porn star nurse.

Katia Di Perna: underwear as masseuse.

Melanie St-Pierre: sexy as Macha Grenon's replacement in deleted scenes section.

Sandra Lavoie: topless as Barneys one night stand.

The following car commercial has absolutely nothing to with this movie but it pops up every time the Canadian DVD is placed into the player. It's Ashleigh McIvor, Canadian gold medal Olympic athlete, stripped down to her skivvies. Using nekkid women to sell a product. What do they think this is, a beer commercial?

"Hobo with a Shotgun"


While "Barney's Version" had heart,  "Hobo With A Shotgun" had a hobo with a shotgun. What more could you ask for? Being shot in Nova Scotia, this has many stars from the Trailer Park Boys series and introduces Molly Dunsworth, daughter of John Dunsworth aka Mr. Lahey from the Trailer Park Boys. She's also the younger sister of Sarah Dunsworth also of the TPB. And did I mention that this movie has a hobo with a shotgun?

Molly Dunsworth: nice legs, brassiere.

Lauren Messervey: underwear as dancing hooker.

Agnes Laan: sexy as hooker in the deleted scenes section.

Cadence MacMichael: topless as bleach blonde hooker with bat. She's a stripper in the first TPB movie.

hookers: also topless with bats.


episode: "I Killed Her"

Sarah Smyth: cleavage as hotel hooker.

Melanie Papalia: translucent blouse in bathtub,

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

episode: "Skeleton in the Closet" (1989)

Mimi Kuzyk: nice legs as her skirt rides up.

"Oh, Calcutta!"


Various women in the Playbill for the 1984 Toronto run.

"Single White Spenny"

episode: "Mancamp" (Last episode of the series.)

hookers: sexy but uncredited.

"Body Language"

season 2

The DVDs are only available from Australia. These caps are just some of the many highlights and some new IDs.

Lynzey Patterson: She flashes her landing strip and her pussy lips several times. Paint her skin blue and she can play Smurfette in a Smurf porn movie.

Timera Ali: boobs and buns as stripper.

Marta Ogonek: very nice shaved vagina in her only acting appearance.
Sometimes shaving your pooter reveals way too much.

Inna Ivanova: shaved vagina, having lesbian sex with Marta Ogonek.

Andree de Villers: topless a stripper.

"MTV's Skins"

season 1

The so-called unrated DVD set is still bleeped network version. Some of the many highlights:

Anastasia Phillips: bra and panties in one episode,

and vapid sex in another - but she's wearing a body stocking.

Katie Henney: bra and panties in catfight.

changeroom girls: underwear, some topless.


Ashleigh McIvor: Olympic athlete in her skivvies again

Agnes Laan: topless as stripclub waitress in The Lost Weekend.

Denise Mader: nude sketch model. You may remember her in a bit part in "Dan For Mayor" last week.

Marica Pellegrinelli: Italian model with arms-over-boobs. She played the Eurotrash countess in Barney's Version.

Cadence MacMichael: topless with pasties in pinup photo.



Little Fish


Cate Blanchett 1080p film clip (captures below)



The Clinic


Tabrett Bethell 1080p film clip (captures below)




In Her Skin


Kate Bell 1080p film clip

Ruth Bradley 1080p film clip



Siam Sunset


Deidre Rubenstein 1080p film clip



Film Clips

Veronica Piaggio in Digame (2011). See below.

Stine Crabol in Spare Tire (2011) in 1080p. See below.

Nicole Trunfio in a 2011 Max Snow Photoshoot in 720p. See below.

Nora Huetz in Krankheit der Jugend (2010). See below.

Krew Boylan in Primal (2010) in 1080p. See below.

Armelle Deutsch in Henri 4 (2010) in 720p. See below.

Chloe Stefani in Henri 4 (2010) in 720p. See below.

Gabriela Maria Schmeide (2010) in 720p. See below.

Isabella Ferrari in Caos Calmo (2008) in 720p. See below.

Mariana Anghileri in Lifting de corazon (2005). See below.

Maria Barranco in Lifting de corazon (2005). See below.

Emmanuelle Vaugier in her very naked film debut in Hysteria (1998). See below.




Gabriela Roel, Veronica Merchant, Zaide Silvia Gutierrez and Silvana Orsattin in Ciudad de Ciegos (1991). See below.

Blanca Guerra, Elpidia Carrillo and Melissa in Ciudad de Ciegos (1991). See below.

Elizabeth Berridge in the Funhouse (1981) in 720p. Three years before Amadeus. See below.

Ursula Andress in Colpo in canna (1975). What a figure! See below.




Natalie Portman's bum in No Strings Attached (2011)