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Jessica Biel film clips in 1080p!

No nudity, but she looks mah-velous in that blue bikini in HD. Sample below.



Today's theme is 1996

2 Days in the Valley

Some very nice nakedness in 2 Days in the Valley (1996) by Charlize Theron.


Teri Hatcher is sexy when down to her underwear.

Glenne Headly

and Kathleen Luong add a bit of eye candy.

Bad Moon

Some brief breast exposure by Johanna Marlowe Lebovitz in Bad Moon (1996).

Beautiful Girls

No nudity in Beautiful Girls (1996). Mia Sara is in her underwear

and Lauren Holly shows some cleavage.


No nudity in Boys (1996) but Winona Ryder is down to her underwear.

Citizen Ruth

Laura Dern is down to her underwear in Citizen Ruth (1996).


Crash (1996) is one of the more macabre films of the year. Deborah Kara Unger shows the lot.


The other women, Rosanna Arquette,

Holly Hunter,

Yolande Julian

and Alice Poon, all show their breasts.

End of Eden

Jennie Garth hasn't done much nudity, if any. In End of Eden aka A Loss of Innocence (1996) there are some mild pokies.


There is topless nudity in Fled (1996) by Brittney Powell

and some other strippers

Happy Gilmore

No nudity in Happy Gilmore (1996). Jessica Gunn shows a lot of cleavage

and Julie Bowen is down to her underwear.

Jerry Maguire

Not a lot of visible nudity in Jerry Maguire (1996). Kelly Preston is naked but the goodies are hidden.

Renee Zellweger shows some pokies.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Geena Davis is very sexy when wet in The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996).


Melina Kanakaredes shows some lovely cleavage.

Maximum Risk

Natasha Henstridge is topless in Maximum Risk (1996)

and there are some sexy strippers as well.

Naked Souls

With a movie title like Naked Souls (1996) you would hope that there would be plenty of nudity, and we are not disappointed.

Seana Ryan,

Elizabeth Low

and an unknown show the lot.

Pamela Anderson,


Justina Vail,

Chantal King

and Jackie Brune are all topless.

Keita shows a bit of leg.

Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion

The Night Eyes series of movies has shown some lovely women naked. Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion (1996) continues the display.

Kimberly Kelly


and Paula Barbieri are both topless.


One Fine Day

Michelle Pfeiffer is down to her bra in One Fine Day (1996).

Snowboard Academy

No nudity in Snowboard Academy (1996), just Brigitte Nielsen's ugly, silicone-enhanced knockers.

Spy Hard

Again, no nudity in Spy Hard (1996) just some sexy women:

Nicolette Sheridan,

Alexandra Paul,

Angela Visser,

Stephanie Romanov

and a couple of bikini-topped unknowns.

Woman Undone

Plenty of cleavage and leg by Mary McDonnell in Woman Undone (1996).




Paris Hilton topless again




This is Caviar from that Ray J reality show, doing cheapjack porn. She is now known as Betheny Benz, and she's doing hardcore. The link includes some sample scenes, mostly solo shots. Sample captures from the full video are seen below (not all scenes pictured in the .jpg are in the clips linked above). Here's an outside link to the background story. According to another website, her real name is Elizabeth Ahmed and she was raised in Russia.

T.J. Hart in Bordello Exposed (sample below)

Anna Mouglalis in Chanel/Stravinsky in HD (samples below)

Olivia Williams in To Kill a King in HD

Melinda Dillion in Slap Shot in HD