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Dream On

Part 3 of ?

Season 2: Carolyn Lowery DVD film clip (frame captures below)

Season 2: Mimi Craven DVD film clip (frame captures below)

She really looks adorable in this.

Season 2: Mimi Rogers DVD film clip (frame captures below)







The Au Pair Girls


The Time Machine returns to Au Pair Girls. This time around featuring Gabrielle Drake, who goes all full frontal for us in these caps and 2 clips.


TV Land

Over in TV Land we have Joely Fisher and her big boob cleavage in the ill-fated "Till Death" with Brad Garrett. Caps and 2 HD clips.









Notes and collages

Role Models


Jessica Morris









Scott Caan's pics of Alexa Davalos

Gwyneth Strong in Play for Today, s6, e23

Melissa Wilkes in Hour of the Pig

Julie LeBreton in Cadavre

Nikki Sanderson in Strictly Confidential

Film Clips

Kate Jenkinson in Rush, s2, e2 (from Johnny Moronic)

Caren Kaye in My Tutor. Whatever happened to Matt Lattanzi, arguably the world's worst actor, who starred in this opposite Caren? Compared to that guy, Keanu Reeves seems to have the powerful presence of James Earl Jones. Anyway, he was a good-looking guy and managed to marry Olivia Newton-John, with whom he had a daughter who now has a minor showbiz career, but Olivia and Matt divorced about 15 years ago, and Lattanzi now seems to be off the grid.

Terri Susan Smith in Basket Case

Arta Dubroshi in Le silence de Lorna

The women of Basic Training (multiples clips fo Ann Dusenberry, Angela Aames, and Rhonda Shear in various combos)

Suzanne von Borsody in Love and other Disasters (samples below)