"The Rena Riffel Czechploitation movie, Caligula's Spawn, is now available at"




"I am a big Saffron Burrows fan and I read that she did a full frontal nude scene in the indy flic 'The Guitar.'  Is There any chance you might be able to get some stills or perhaps a clip from the film?"


Scoop's note: Man, I would love to. I've combed through all the sources, and I can't find this guy. It screened at Sundance, and is now screening at a festival in the Czech Republic, but there is no info on either theatrical distribution or home media.



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Hurricane (1979) is a PG romance/thriller from the days when bare breasts could appear in a PG film. (The PG-13 rating was introduced on July 1, 1984. Prior to that date, the MPAA had to choose between PG and R. When breasts appeared in a non-sexual context, and/or if they belonged to women in cultures where the women were normally topless, a film could qualify for the PG rating.)

Mia Farrow arrives in Samoa, where her father, Jason Robards, is governor. An old suitor of hers is also stationed there, but she takes an immediate interest in a native who works for her father. Turns out she has pretty good taste, as he becomes the High Chief when his father dies. Unfortunately, that also means that he must marry Ariirau Tekurarere, a union arranged when they were small. Robards will stop at nothing to get the young chief out of the way because he has no intention of allowing his daughter to be with a Samoan. His justification comes in the form of a ritual forbidden by American law, in which intended brides are checked for virginity. Robards places the young chief on trial for allowing the ritual, but finds he can't control his daughter, or the elements.

Robards fits the tyrannical role competently, Mia is charming, and the filmmakers were proud of their hurricane effects. Overall, the film is not a bad way to spend 120 minutes, although its pace is rather slow.

IMDb readers say 4.0.

Mia Farrow shows a very clear left breast.


 Ariirau Tekurarere shows breasts and buns.










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Sacred Flesh


Today we have some nunsploitation as we check in with Eileen Daly showing off the boobs & bush as the holy disrober.







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Basic Instinct

HD - unrated - 1992

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