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Hey Uncle Scoopy, I forgot to tell you I saw the movie "Park" on the Movie Channel, so hopefully somebody somewhere can help me out with caps of Melanie Lynskey's impressive nude scene. Thanks


Well, gentlemen. Is anyone up to the task?


* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

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* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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The Happy Hooker


The Happy Hooker chronicles the evolution of Xaviera Hollander from a Dutch bride-to-be to a notorious New York madam. The film begins with Xaviera and her girls being booked, then her story is told in flashback, while they are in a tank with a group of black streetwalkers.

Xaviera moved to New York to marry, but discovered that her intended was a hopeless mamma's boy. She took a job in an embassy that she was terrible at, and decided to screw anything that appealed to her, It wasn't long before she figured out that there was a living in that, but when a cop ripped her off for all of her money, she joined a regular house. She ended up buying it.

The subject called for sex and nudity, and there was almost none. Believe it or not, this film wasn't even sexy enough for Roger Ebert. The only nudity comes from Anita Morris who, as one of Xaviera's girls, shows her breasts in two scenes. In the first, she is turned into an ice cream sundae; in the second, she gets a whipped cream wedding dress, then has it washed off with champagne.

Even if one ignores the inappropriate timidity of the erotic content, The Happy Hooker is not a good movie. It is not exactly a "girl makes good" story, and doesn't really introduce the Xaviera Hollander who wrote a sex advice column for Penthouse and had to live in Canada as she was wanted in the US. Lynn Redgrave, in the title role, was one part cute, one part horny, and eight parts ruthless businesswoman. For those of you keeping score at home, the real Xaviera is now married, and operates a B&B in Holland.

D on our scale. The slow-paced film has minor interest only as a time capsule and for the very occasional humorous moment.

Neither the critics nor audiences appreciated it. IMDb readers score it a bottom-dwelling 2.0, and Roger Ebert awarded one star.



Anita Morris








When it comes to classic screen nudity Maggie Gyllenhaal has to be right up there on anybody's list. I don't think she ever looked sweeter than she did in Secretary, so here's a  trip down memory lane as Maggie reveals all.  






Notes and collages


Part four of ...??

Tawny Kitaen






Miami Vice

Miami Vice opens with our chequered heroes Crockett (Collin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jaimee Foxx) embroiled in a nightclub stakeout. Receiving a phone call from a distressed informant whose cover has just been blown, the pair soon find themselves traveling to South America to bring down an important drug supplier. There, they negotiate their way through the echelons up to the main man Montoya (Spanish actor, Luis Tosar) and his moll Isabella (Gong Li).

Some people love this movie other don't, I didn't like it.


Gong Li


Naomie Harris









Maribel Verdu in Amantes (sample to right). Sorry, audio is in German, but I can watch Maribel in any language.
Madeline Zima in Californication (sample to right). That's the new Duchovny series. This scene has not yet aired. Zima was the child actress who played Grace on "The Nanny" from age 8 to 14. The Zimstress filled out very nicely.
Career-best nudity from Annette Bening in The Grifters
Career-best nudity from Marisa Tomei in Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Poor quality clip, but hey, it's Marisa topless. It is from an (as yet) unreleased movie.

The following film clips are all from Defoe. The sample collages on the right are taken from Charlie's site.

Isild Le Besco in Camping Sauvage

Isild Le Besco in L'Intouchable
Julie Gayet in Je ne Veux pas Etre Sage. (Hot stuff, although you sometimes want them to shut the hell up.)
Marie-Josee Croze in Ne le Dis a Personne. She's the treacherous mercenary assassin from Munich.

The following Aussie film clips are from Johnny Moronic, the Thunda from Down Unda. (Those are also Mr. Moronic's collages to the right)

Ellouise Rothwell in My Brother Jack
Ullie Birve in Epsilon






The Comedy Wire

Late Monday, the NFL commissioner ruled that pending a review of Vick's indictments, he was ordered not to report to pre-season training and he was suspended, with full pay.

*  So the rule in the NFL is: "Electrocute dogs, win a free vacation." 

*  If he'd drowned some kittens, would he have gotten a free set of luggage, too?

This week, Starbucks will raise their drink prices by about 9 cents a cup to offset rising milk and energy costs.

* You just can't make a decent cup of coffee for four-and-a-half dollars anymore. 


On this day in 1824, the Harrisburg Pennsylvanian published the first
public opinion poll ever taken in the U.S.

*  It had Robert Byrd winning by 13 points.