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The Boost


Sean Young film clips

Caps below:

Scoop's notes:

I have never seen this film, but it became famous for reasons unrelated to any of its actual footage. Sean co-starred with James Woods. They had some kind of relationship, the exact nature of which remains unclear. Woods subsequently sued her for harassing him and his fiancÚe. He alleged that Sean had sent him pictures of dead babies and animals, and that either she or a friend of hers had destroyed his garden and left a mutilated doll on his doorstep. Young denied the allegations and claimed that Woods filed the lawsuit out of spite. Young stated, "It was a crush being turned down, that's all.... So sue me! And he [Woods] did." They settled out of court, with Woods' paying a quarter-million dollars to Young, but her victory was hollow because the whole incident certified her as a nut case in the eyes of the public and many in the industry.


Keeping Mum


Here are the film clips of Tamsin Egerton

The collages are below:




Jennifer Aniston upskirt (no nudity, but nice to look at!))

Lindsay Lohan before she was a party animal (No nudity, but you have to read the text)

A famous Tiffany Amber Thiessen pictorial in HD


Kate Moss

Sirpa Lane in Papaya

Sirpa Lane in The Beast in Space

Melissa Mascara in End of Days

Lynn Marie Sager in End of Days

Linda Pine in End of Days

Robin Tunney in End of Days





Chrissy Griffith in Boogeyman 2

Taryn Manning in Dandelion

Oksana Borbat and Xeniya Fesenko in Return to House on Haunted Hill

Leah Livingstone in Coed Confidential: Hot for Teacher

Maite Bonilla in Red Passport

Jenn Griffin and Noelle Reno in Devour

Moon Bloodgold in Terminator: Salvation

another look at Jill Schoelen in The Stepfather in HD

Dru Barrymore in Bordello Exposed (sample below)