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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Dream On

Part 2 of ?

Season 1: Jeannine Renshaw DVD film clip (frame captures below)

Season 1: Julie Carmen DVD film clip (frame captures below)

Season 1: Susan Lentini DVD film clip (frame captures below)


Season 1: Vicki Frederick DVD film clip (frame captures below)







The Au Pair Girls


Today the Time Machine goes way back nearly 40 years. Astrid Frank bares it all in this UK sexploitation comedy, a fun time movie. Caps and 3 clips. More tomorrow.


TV Land

Over in TV Land Carrie Underwood looking hot on last springs
Academy of Country Music Awards. Caps and an HD clip.








Notes and collages

Marley and Me


PG Doggie Movie

Jennifer Aniston










These are actually some years old, but I the quality is the best I've seen of these.

Holly Hunter shows off an incredibly toned body in Saving Grace. (Shes' 51 years old.)


Lady Gaga

Lake Bell. A great body, and a great body of water.


Film Clips

Mr Skin and his crew did a nice job on Malin Akerman in Watchmen. These are the best clips and caps I've seen from that film.

Also from Watchmen: Tara Frederick

Another HD batch from Herr Haut: Rebecca Romijn in the disastrous remake of Rollerball.

Alin Sumarwata in False Witness

Julie Cialini in Wolfhound

Various women in the unrated version of Sex Drive

Anna Friel appears topless on the page once again. This time she's in an episode of The Street. (s3,e2)

Carole Laure was one of the most daring mainstream actress of all time, as evidence by this low quality clip from La Tete De Normande St-Onge

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller in The Edge of Love in 720p quality. Sample of Keira to the right.
Lindy Booth in Fairytales and Pornography. (Sample right)