Hey Uncle Scoopy, I have been a long time member and this is my first request. Could you please do caps of Melanie Lynskey in the movie "Park"? She has a rather impressive nude scene. Thanks


Really good request. I remember reading about this, then had completely forgotten it.

I couldn't find the film. First I checked the pages of all the affiliates, then I googled my ass off, then I checked all the bootleg sources like IRC and BitTorrent - couldn't find any copy of the film, illegal or legal. I checked the other major celebrity nudity sites - no luck.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Background: Lynskey is the woman who did the bath with Kate Winslet in Heavenly Creatures. She showed her breasts in that film (see below), but that was a decade ago, no interesting nudity since, and she doesn't even look like the same person now.


* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








The Exhibitionist Files


The Exhibitionist Files is an example of "couples erotica" centered around a theme of exhibitionism.

Sex researcher Catalina Larranaga is investigating the subject, and finds herself a little too caught up personally. She ends up dumping one of her study subjects, and then having sex with him on her balcony. He becomes a stalker. Most of the running time is taken up with her interviews of exhibitionists, where we see them in action. The film is loaded with full frontal male and female nudity and girl, girl/girl, girl/girl/guy and girl/guy sex. Many of the women are completely shaved. Naked women include: Catalina Larranaga, Sydnee Steele, Candace Washington, Flower Edwards, Diana Kauffman, Nikita Cash, Kit Pomidoro and Zana Cochran.

On the exposition side of the fence, the story could be stronger, but with so many characters, it moves quickly, and doesn't get boring. The supposed research subjects are rather believable, and Candace Washington as a porn star is a real hoot. Talk about a perfect profession for an exhibitionist!

C. Solid genre fare.

We can't put any stock in the IMDb score because most of the comments and who knows how many of the votes refer to a heavily censored version. The full unrated version is available from in a dual region (1 and 4) DVD with optional Spanish subtitles. (Click on the pic below for details.)

Exhibitionist Files DVD Catalina Larranaga (2002)


Kit Pomodoro


Zana Cochran



Catalina Larranaga




Sydnee Steele



Candace Washinton






Flower Edwards


Diana Kaufmann



Nikita Cash








Today we have a another double feature.


Fear of Clowns


First another horror movie. Lauren Pellegrino displays her big boobs as a "Damsel in Distress" who meets a bad ending at the hands of an evil clown.  






I loved the film clip of Alice Henley in the TV series "Rome" that Scoopy posted on Sunday, so I just had to do some caps. She is cute and smoking hot !








Notes and collages


Part three of ...??

Tawny Kitaen








After Saw, there have been multiple movies of people who have been captured and are being held hostage in some room. This is one of those movies, a bad one. It's completely predictable and they don't even take advantage of Elisha's good looks. The "nude scene" is completely out of focus is stupid and there is a sex scene where they show the guy's butt and nothing from Cuthbert!

If the script is not good, at least add some exploitation elements to a movie, that will make it fun to watch!



Elisha Cuthbert








Various scenes from Cashback. Some samples below


Hayley Coppin Janine Tinsley various






The Viking Sagas

If you like movies of the genre, you'll find 1995's The Viking Sagas to be enjoyable, if not perfect. Just don't try to pronounce the female star's name unless you're from Iceland.

At a time when men make their point with a sword instead of their minds, the son of a leader watches his father die at the hand of an evil nobleman. He vows revenge, and seeks the aid of the great warrior Gunnar to teach him how to fight and defeat the bad guy. Things get more complicated when he rescues the beautiful Gudrun, who is about to be forced into a bad marriage. They fall in love, but Gunnar is also in love with Gudrun, complicating things further.

The acting is a little stiff, but the action is great, the settings beautiful and interesting, and the story good enough to keep your interest until the end.


Ingibjorg Stefansdottir






Two from British TV:

Natalie Robb in Kitchen (sample capture to the right)

Helen Baxendale in The Investigator. Man! If I lived in England I would never turn the TV off.

Especially if they get Japanese game shows on cable. If you have British dramas and comedies, plus Japanese game shows, you could just build a toilet and a fridge into your easy chair!


The following film clips are all from Defoe. The sample collages on the right are taken from Charlie's site.

Audrey Tautou in Hors de Prix. Thanks to the French film industry for having given the world Audrey Tautou! It's almost enough to forgive them for Depardieu.


Charlotte Rampling in Desaccord Parfait
Monica Bellucci in Le Concile de Pierre

The following Aussie film clips are from Johnny Moronic, the Thunda from Down Unda. (Those are also Mr. Moronic's collages to the right)

Pia Miranda in Garage Days
Pia Miranda in Traveling Light
Laura Gordon in Em4Jay
Michela Noonan in Strange Fits of Passion






The Comedy Wire

ACTUAL HEADLINE!  From  "Cheney to Be in Charge During Bush Colonoscopy".

* Man, Dick Cheney does EVERYTHING for him!

Friday at Eastern Illinois University, a strange package arrived in the
mail.  It had tape and stains on it, no return address, misspellings and messy handwriting and was poorly addressed.  It scared the staff so much, they called the bomb squad, who blocked off the street and X-rayed it.  It turned out to be a student's college application.  Officials wouldn't release the student's name and said the package will be treated like any other application. 

* Lindsay Lohan is going to college?

A woman in Avignon, France, was arrested on suspicion of kissing a
painting valued at $2 million at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The artist, Cy Twombly, is famous for abstract works combining painting, drawing, repetitive lines, graffiti, letters and words.  The woman is accused of leaving a lipstick smudge on a white area of the canvas.

*  That's nothing: you should've seen where she left lipstick on Michelangelo's David. 

In a letter to the medical journal Lancet, Dr. Lionel Feuillet of the
Universite de la Mediterranee in Marseille, France, reports that a 44-year-old father of two came in complaining of a leg problem.  Doctors were astounded when a scan showed his head almost entirely filled with fluid and only a thin layer of brain tissue.  The doctor said his tiny brain didn't prevent him from living a normal life and working as a civil servant in the tax department.   

*  In some countries which will remain unnamed, his tiny brain wouldn't even prevent him from becoming president.

On this day in 1984, Vanessa Williams became the first Miss America to resign, after Penthouse published nude photos of her.

*  Those photos proved that Hillary's not the only woman who could lick Bush.


Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe (18) and Monica Lewinsky (34).

* Two expert wand-handlers.