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Christopher Andersen has a new book out called "Hillary and Bill: a marriage" in which he says that when Bill confessed his Lewinsky involvement, Hillary slapped him hard enough to leave a welt visible to secret service men, and said "you stupid, stupid, stupid bastard. My God, Bill, how could you risk everything for that"

Top choices for the next line left out by the author

  1. " ... I could see it for Gennifer Flowers, but this porker?"
  2. "If I had only known you wanted oral sex, I'd have sucked you like a Hoover. Maybe even under Hoover's picture"
  3. "Let that be a lesson to you. Thank God you didn't ever cheat on me before, or I'd really have fucked you over"
  4. "by the way, does she do bi or les, and does she think Reno is cute?"

Little Rock officials voted yesterday to rename part of a major street President Clinton Avenue. The city planners said it would inspire kids to know that someone from that street could become president. And that someone who walked that street could have oral sex with a president

I guess you read that Jesse Ventura is going back to make some wrestling guest appearances, despite his new status as governor of Minnesota. He'll be entered in that King of the Ring contest against the other governors. he wont get hurt because "I ain't got time to bleed". His nickname is now Jesse "The Mind" Ventura. He'll also be in a singles match against a masked wrestler/politician, "The Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Bastard" - who hails from Parts Unknown, Arkansas. By the way, sessions of the Minnesota legislature will no longer begin with the traditional prayer invocation. They will now start with (all together now) "Let's get Ready to Rumble-e-e-e-e-e-e-e"

Jack the Ripper
Snowblind capped the infamous Klaus Kinski version of "Jack the Ripper". Unfortunately, there were no closing credits. (This happened to me once with a DVD - neither the DVD nor the imdb had the credits!). As it stands now, we have Josephine Chaplin and three unidentified actresses playing prostitutes. If you know any of them, tell us.
  • unidentified
  • unidentified
  • unidentified. Lovely woman, completely naked.
  • here's Ms Chaplin.
  • The Tuna
  • Tuna is back for s second gallery. Very enjoyable. Several I had not seen before, hope they are fresh for you as well.This is Corey Chang in The Beneficiary
  • No nudity, but FYI, Robin Givens in Foreign Student.
  • Stacy Haiduk in The Beneficiary
  • Schae Harrison in Interlocked
  • Amy Locane in "Carried Away"
  • Amy Irving in "Carried Away"
  • Variety
  • Some strange capping choices here, and I'm the fool who made them. Here are some miscellaneous scenes from 8mm.
  • Here's Emily Patrick in "8mm". I felt sick after watching this movie. I sucked me into its depravity. I was involved with the characters. The acting and direction were top-notch. It's probably a terrific movie. I just wish I hadn't seen it. I know it's probably accurate in portraying the underbelly of life, but I don't want to know about that world, or the effect it might have on me if I came into contact with it. If you don't know, Nic Cage plays a detective who attempts to verify or refute the authenticity of an alleged snuff film. His encounters change him and his life.
  • Emily Patrick in "8mm"
  • I really don't know why I watched "How Stella Got her Groove Back". Yes I do, actually. Scoop wanted me to cap the male lead for his male nudity site. There was some female nudity from some extras.
  • more extra shots from "Stella"
  • Crow
  • The King of the Ring is back with more rasslin superwomen. Sorry, still no nudity today. Here's Miss Jacqueline
  • Jazzmine. Actually there is no flesh at all in these two.
  • Jazzmine
  • McMahon's own daughter, Stephanie, is now involved in some of the sub-plots. This is just a portrait.
  • Strawberry Fields. She is hot.
  • Sunny, aka Tammy Fytch, aka Tammy Lynn Sytch.
  • Graphic Response
  • Jobeth Williams in Kramer vs Kramer
  • one of Jobeth in Teachers and a posed shot
  • Jobeth in Teachers and Kramer
  • More
  • Rachel Vickers in "Bassi istini", from BFD
  • more Rachel Vickers in "Bassi istini", from BFD
  • more Rachel Vickers in "Bassi istini", from BFD
  • Michelle Hunziker cleavage captures from FR
  • Asia Argento in Trauma, from Recap
  • a small collage of those Geena Davis paparazzi pics from Interviu