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Brittany Panzer

Mektoub My Love

2018, 720p

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Ruth Negga



Scrubs is a medical-based comedy set in Sacred Heart Hospital, which follows the lives of employees and patients in the hospital. It can be considered successful given that it went for 182 episodes over 9 seasons. There was no nudity. Sarah Chalke was in most of the episodes and is easy on the eye. There were also multiple appearances by actresses such as Heather Graham and Courteney Cox that made the show more enjoyable. These are the final collages and are from the eighth and ninth seasons, and were made in 2008 and 2009.

Series 8 Episode 1 My Jerks (2009)

Courteney Cox

Series 8 Episode 2 My Last Words (2009)

Courteney Cox

An Unidentified Woman

Series 8 Episode 4 My Happy Place (2009)

Sarah Chalke

Series 8 Episode 12 Their Story II (2009)

Betsy Beutler

Series 8 Episode 14 My Soul on Fire/ Part 1 (2009)

Christa Miller

Sarah Chalke

Series 8 Episode 15 My Soul on Fire/ Part 2 (2009)

Judy Reyes

Shalina Waterman

Series 8 Episode 17 My Chief Concern (2009)

Judy Reyes

A Couple of Sexy Women


Series 9 Episode 1 Our First Day of School (2009)

Eliza Coupe

Welcome to Curiosity


Chloe Heaver



Stacey Travis film clip (collage below)

Julia Diesner and Sadie Katz in Blood Feast (2017) in 720p



Nicole Fox in Ashley (2013) in 1080hd

For those of you who haven't reached your minimum daily requirement of high camp:
Joan Collins in The Bitch (1979) in 1080hd