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Bridgend is a drama where Sara (Hannah Murray) moves with her policeman father (Steven Waddington) back to a small Welsh town where they had previously lived. Now a teenager at high school, she befriends some disaffected peers who like to go down to the river to drink, swim naked and have sex. On her way back with the group, they stop to honour one of their friends who committed suicide recently. Sara is invited to a party with the group and befriends Thomas, who takes her back to his house and in a moment of intimacy begins to choke Sara. He finally relents, but Sara doesn't seem to mind what happened. The next day, Sara is alerted by Jamie (Josh O'Connor) that Thomas killed himself. Over time, Sara and Jamie become close against her father's wishes and the group begins to be filled with tension because of what seems to be Jamie's involvement in Thomas's death. The group begins to act out against the town, but is brought back to Earth when another suicide occurs. As Sara becomes closer to Jamie, the group become more and more terse with Jamie and with all this tension, something is going to break.

A decidedly underwhelming movie based on a true story that never digs deep into the motivation behind the teenagers killing themselves, although I get the sense that this may be the same for the true life happenings. The suicides are unexplained and happen out of nowhere, while they feel more like random murders committed by unknown assailants. And because of this, the film doesn't feel all that mysterious or seem to look to find a way to break the cycle. There constantly feels like we're missing something that we should know and that doesn't help the ending which should be profound but feels inexplicably uninteresting. Bridgend is a disappointingly deflating movie...

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