Girls Gone Dead


I reviewed it yesterday. Here's a woman I missed: Kelly Otis

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Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


The Babe


1080p clips of Kelly McGillis

Scoop's notes:

A couple more of Kelly from this film:

And Kelly's notorious spread-legged scene in Cat Chasers. I think I've purchased three different DVDs of this film over the years, but this scene has been excised in each case.

Bikini Girls on Ice


Slasher filmed in Montreal. A better title could have been  "Topless Girls on Ice" but only one girl took off her top.

Kerri Taylor: topless as the slut. (Film clip, 720p)

Caroline Faille: cleavage as the blonde bimbo.

Christina Sciortino: bikini as the brainy one.

Cindel Chartrand: cleavage as the goody-two-shoes (the last surviving one)

Danielle Doetsch: bikini as goody-to-shoes' friend.

Melissa Paulson: sexy in bit part.

Suzi Lorraine: bikini as the one who gets the obligatory axe in the head in opening scene. She's in the upcoming sequel "Pinup Dolls on Ice".

various: bikini car wash.

BONUS: Kerri Taylor: scream queen from the United States who's frequently topless in b-movies also goes full  frontal as nude model.

Love and Human Remains


This was staged in Alberta in 2010. Kyla Shinkewski has the lead role played by Mia Kirshner in the 1993 movie of the same name. She wears a bra and panties in these images, although she did the full monty in the role itself. She's also in Pin-Up Girls on Ice.

Dead at 17


Full title should have been "Dead at 17 and a Dead Stripper in the Trunk".
Filmed in Ottawa.

Ashley Jones: bra and panties as stripper. In addition to her stripper role she’s also given an executive producer credit. She must have wowed everybody during her casting audition.

Dani Kind: cleavage.


Fugitive at 17


Also filmed in Ottawa by the same production company.

Marie Avgeropoulos: some butt cleavage.

Cindel Chartrand: cleavage getting ravaged by Casper Van Dien.

Christina Cox: very sexy.


Marie Avgeropoulos: discreet topless modeling shot.

"The L.A. Complex"

Season 2 returns with the Chelan Simmons R-rated stripper-pornstar storyline being replaced by a more network friendly PG13-rated storyline of a young boy being taken around to acting auditions by his older adult sister who could pass for his MILF mother.

Mercedes Papalia & Mishael Morgan: cleavage in bikini as strippers.

Jewel Staite: brassiere after having sex.

Total Recall

(2012; in theatres August 3)

The official MPAA rating is PG13 for "intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, some sexual content, *brief nudity* and language". From the publicity shots the three-breasted hooker has a discreet strap across her nipples. It's Kaitlyn Wong aka Kaitlyn Leeb


Till Human Voices Wake Us


Wikipedia's complete summary (total spoilers):

The film begins with the story of a young 15-year-old boy, Sam Franks, who has returned from a Melbourne boarding school to his hometown in Victoria. He has an obvious affection towards a young local girl, Silvy, who has a disability affecting her legs which requires a brace and prevents her from walking freely. However, this does not stop the two friends from enjoying each other's company, and they are virtually inseparable. Sam's mother has died, and his stern father provides the young boy with little comfort and love, so his relationship with Silvy is all that matters to him. She reads to him regularly out of her beloved poetry book, showing him a world of beauty and harmony within words that he comes to enjoy.

One night, the two decide to go for a ride anywhere, and end up at the popular lake. Sam jumps in the water and removes Silvy's leg braces, and together they "dance" in the water. They share a kiss and stare into the stars — everything seems perfect for the two. Suddenly Sam lets go of Silvy's hand to point to a shooting star. After closing his eyes and making a wish, he looks around to find Silvy no longer with him. Frantically searching beneath the tide-pulling water, Sam returns to Silvy's home to tell of the terrible happening. Her body is not found for years, and when it is, it's discovered in a hidden cave beneath the water.

Twenty years later, 35-year-old Sam (Guy Pearce) is teaching psychology at a Melbourne institute when he must return to his hometown to bury his recently deceased father. On the train, Sam briefly meets a pleasant woman who introduces herself as Ruby (Helena Bonham Carter). Sam leaves to talk to the train attendant about his cargo, and when he returns, the woman is nowhere to be seen. That night, in a massive downpour, Sam sees a woman fall from the bridge into the lake below. After rescuing the woman, he recognizes her as the lady, Ruby, from the train. She, however, has lost her memory and can't even remember her own name. However, the woman's behavior and speech lead Sam to believe that this is his childhood friend, Silvy.

Sam hypnotizes "Silvy", and in this state the woman speaks of feelings of being pulled down, lower and lower beneath cold and feeling panic, then warm and comfortable. It appears, then, that Silvy has come back from her death in the form of this woman. The next day, she asks to be taken to her real home. Sam carries her, as her legs are failing her once more; he senses that she will not be with him much longer. Safe and warm in her own bed, Sam reads her the last few lines from her favorite poem (T. S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock), "Till human voices wake us, and we drown". She finally passes, with a smile on her lips. Sam places her in a boat and releases it into the lake. He swims with it, and when he looks into it, all that remains is his coat that she was wearing. He climbs into the boat as it drifts away. The film ends with the sight of the boat traveling down the lake.

Johnny's comments:

Hmmm, an interesting start gets mired down with the later plot which is far too obvious and predictable and not anywhere near as interesting. Apparently, this film was recut for American release and is told in flashback, but I don't think it would fix the predictability of the plot. Shame really...

Helena Bonham Carter film clip (sample images below)



Johnny's comments:

Corroboree is an arty drama about a young man who is summoned to a country house by a mysterious and dying theatre director who asks him to interact with various women in different rooms of the house and act out various moments of the director's life.

Oh, that's enough! This film really can't be expanded much further than that.

The film seemingly feels like it's filming rehearsals and is every bit as bum-numbingly unwatchable as it sounds. There's some lengthy nudity and that's the only interest I have with this film. Bah!!

Jane McArthur film clip (collages below)



Carolyn Lowery in Candyman (1992) in 1080p

Virginia Madsen, also in Candyman. She's 51 now, still attractive.


One breast from Charlotte Rampling in The Look.
This is a documentary about her. (Warning: explicit male junk)