OK, I know I said that Christina Ricci was the front-runner for the "best nude scenes" award this year, but I now have to qualify it with the word "theatrical."  I just saw this film clip of Alice Henley in the second season of Rome, and I don't know how anyone can compete with it. Rome is, like, the world's most sophisticated porn ever! This other scene with Kerry Condon is not so bad either.

(These are third party clips, not my own. I just put them up at the top of the page instead of down in Catch o' the Day because ... well, you'll see.)


* Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

* White asterisk: expanded format.

* Blue asterisk: not mine.

No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Staying on Top


Staying on Top (2002) is another example of couples erotica originally made for cable TV.

The story centers on two women.

  • Holly Sampson plays a brilliant young ad exec who came out of school touted to be God's gift to advertising, and so far has lived up to her promise. She has a photographer boyfriend, a great house and a bright future.
  • Angela Davies plays her ruthless bitch of a boss who gets whatever she wants by having talent, and by doing whatever or whomever it takes.

When an important new account is up for grabs, the customer would like a team of Holly as creative and Angela as business. While the owner of the agency also sees that as a great combination, Angela wants it all. It looks like Holly is down for the count when Angela fucks the customer, and also does Holly's boyfriend, then informs Holly that she is off the account. Holly quits, finds out her boyfriend has been screwing around, then decides to start her own agency with her friend Mia Zotolli and Angela's assistant, Sasha Peralto.

I was still there at the end wanting to know how it would all sort out, which is all you can ask from a plot in one of these "couples erotica" films, especially since Sampson, Davies, Zotolli, Peralto all show everything in various solo, girl/girl, and girl/boy scenes, as do Leila Hashemzadeh as a model the boyfriend boffs, and Holly Hollywood (Stacey Leigh Mobley) as a masseuse. Ms. Hollywood goes the extra mile with gyno/procto shots.

With good erotica and an intriguing plotline, it is a solid C.

It is available in the US from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English.

IMDb readers say 5.5.


Holly Hollywood


Leila Hashemzadeh


Holly Sampson


Angela Davies


Mia Zottoli



Sasha Perlato







Today we have a double feature from the horror realm.


All Souls Day


Mircea Monroe looking hot in her bra and then topless.



13th Child


And from "13th Child: The Legend of the Jersey Devil," a really forgettable movie, we have Robyn Parsons displaying her tiny tits.







Notes and collages


Part two of ...??

Tawny Kitaen







Children of Men

In chaotic, oppressed, lawless and dangerous 2027 Britain, humans can no longer procreate, and no children have been born for two decades. Britain, through strict martial law, is a teetering sanctuary of sorts and attracts refugees from around the world, who are herded and jailed. The species is dying. Theo (Clive Owen), a former associate and lover to refugee rights activist Julian (Julianne Moore), no longer cares, but reluctantly agrees to help transport the world's only known pregnant woman to an offshore safe haven. He obtains the essential transit papers, but getting her there alive proves far harder, despite help from his old comrade in arms, Jasper (Michael Caine).



Claire-Hope Ashitey








Three very short film clips from The Long Weekend are zipped together in this package.


Catherine Devine Holly Eglinton Jennifer Walther






Elizabeth Engstler "Starnacht am Woerthersee"
Anja Kling in "Gruene Hochzeit"
Jasmin Mone in "R.I.S."
Oana Solomonescu in "Zoom"
Regina Heinze in "Feuer unter Deck"
Sabrina White in "Goldene Zeiten"
Sabine Christiansen in "Stars in der Manege"
Bojana Golenac in "Edgar Wallace: Whiteface"
Eva Green in "The Dreamers"






Jessica Biel in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (a bit o' plumber's crack).
Jessica Biel in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. We've shown this before, but the film is now in theaters, so ...

The following film clips are all from Defoe. The sample collages on the right are taken from Charlie's site.

Marion "Piaf" Cotillard in Chloe. Her nude debut in 1995. Several film clips in a zipped file.

Romane Borhinger in Qui m Aime me Suive. I hear she was one of the finalists to play Harry Potter (see the top row on the collage), but the knockers really hurt her audition.
Kristin Scott-Thomas in Chromophobia. Evidence that life isn't fair: some women who should do nude scenes, like Jessica Biel, have not done so, but Kristin just won't quit.

The following film clips from Seeing Other People, an English-language film,  are dubbed in French. The scenes are still good enough that you want to watch them.

Shanna Moakler
Nicole Marie Lenz. No translation required here!
Maggie Gyllenhaal in Strip Search - in high definition!
Alexandra Maria Lara in "Mensch, Pia" -rare TV clip, new-to-me.
The quality of this is not so good (VHS), but it's rare to see a film clip of Gina Gershon in This World, then the Fireworks. I'm trying to get a copy of the French DVD which is, to my knowledge, the only one ever issued.
Stine Christensen in After the Wedding