Today's Images.
Denise Richards
  • Well Fun House Fans, it's good to be back! Once again I ventured off to the Pacific Northwest in search of the ellusive Sasquatch. Still no luck, so I decided to stay up here for a while, sort of a Sasquath sabbatical if you will. Luckily for all of us, waiting for me in my in box was a ton of celebrity nudity, and what better way for me to return than with one of my personal favorites, Denise Richards from "Wild Things". These are new ones to me, but then again, I've literally away from all forms of mass media for over a week. Anyway, this is the first really clear stuff I've seen from the movie. Thanks to Sing for all of these vidcaps of Denise. This first one and the next are the same collages, only the first is a little lighter.
  • Here is Sing's official, signed work.
  • More of Denise. Here we see the three way scene, including Denise and Neve Campbell kissing.
  • Great caps of the champagne pouring, and wet swim suit scenes.
  • Jayne Mansfield
  • One more from Magicman. Here's an old B&W pic of Jayne falling out of her dress in front of a not too thrilled Sophia Loren. I guess the lesbian scene wasn't as hip back then.
  • Jane March
  • Always a Fun House favorite, here's the lovely Ms. March, as 'capped in these great, high quality scans from Scanman. As promised from yesterday, these collages are from the "The Lover", featuring Jane just as she entered adulthood.
  • Jane March in "The Lover", by Scanman #2.
  • Jane March in "The Lover", by Scanman #3.
  • Jane March in "The Lover", by Scanman #4.
  • Babes from "Friends"
  • For all of the followers of the show, here's Ross's new wife?...Helen Baxendale. If you don't follow the show, she's the newest castmember, and British "Friend". Anyway, here she is topless from "Truth or Dare", by Scanman.
  • More topless Helen from "Truth or Dare"
  • One last Scanman vidcap of Ms. Baxendale.
  • From Kruger
  • Today, we've got some new Kruger looks at some older films. First up, some of the best vidcaps I've seen of Angelina Jolie, from "Hackers".
  • Jennifer Lopez is Selena! Most of the world had no clue of who the Tejano singer was until she died. Even then, I only heard about her because I was living in Texas at the time. Still, when they cast this movie, they did a perfect job, as these vidcaps show.
  • A younger Kelly Preston from "52 Pickup". A little know factoid...they chose the number 52 because star Roy Scheider's had his 52nd face lift just before filming.
  • And here's Roy now, with a very naked Vanity, of course.
  • Fun House Variety
  • Once again, Helcrom has another one of those busty, bikini clad, USA "Up all night" movies 'capped for us. The best things about these collages is 1) we get the nudity that USA leaves out. and 2)We can view these vidcaps, and actually follow the entire movie without having to watch it! Today, the subject of Helcrom's Snappy (or whatever he uses) is another one of those Andy Sidaris skin flicks, "Fit to Kill". Here's Cynthia Brimhall.
  • Next from "Fit to Kill", Carolyn Liu.
  • And of course, no Sidaris movie would be complete without an often naked Dona Speir. Again, from "Fit to KIll", by Helcrom.