Hi, everyone.
I suppose this is the latest I've ever published a daily page. I'm kinda lucky to be able to publish it at all. We had tornadoes sweeping through out neck of the woods. None touched down near me, although we could see them from where we were, which is scary enough. The powerful winds devastated my neighborhood. I was probably the luckiest guy in town. The roof is intact. The house is undamaged. The trees are undamaged. Unfortunately, my house has no power (particularly annoying because we are also undergoing a heat wave), and internet service is interrupted, which explains why I'm at this so late.

I'm using public wi-fi at the moment, so I'm only going to do a mini-page with the regular contributors. If I miss anything, it'll be in Other Crap and/or in tomorrow's page, which is due in about 9 hours from the time I am typing this!

Check Other Crap for updates in real time, or close to it.

Open Your Eyes

1997, 1920x1080

Penelope Cruz

Najwa Nimri

Continuing with the Italian movies.

The City of Women

 1980, aka "La città delle donne"

Note to members: if you want to download all of Oz's collages with one click, here is the .zip file

The City of Women has lots of nudity by a lot of women, including:

Anna Prucnal

Bernice Stegers

Donatella Damiani

Donatella Damiani and Rosaria Tafuri

Jole Silvani


Lots not identified


Pulse 2: Afterlife

2008, 1080hd

Boti Bliss film clip (collages below)


Anna Grisebach in Nachthelle (2014) in 1080hd