TV Round-Up

True Blood (s7e5) featured a nude scene from Deborah Ann Woll. Sorta. She's topless, but her nipples are kept off-camera.

The July 20th episode of Naked News featured some topless yoga with Eila Adams and Peyton Priestly. They were not able to get fully naked for this one, for reasons which will be apparent when you see what they are doing.

Surprisingly, there was again no nudity on Masters of Sex.

See Defoe's section for the first two episodes of Hotel de la Plage.



This doesn't really belong in this section since it is not my work, but Zorg's, but it merits some additional commentary. Zorg managed to uncover something seen very rarely, and never by me: an uncensored version of Flossie. I have seen clips and caps from this film in the past, but they have all included censored versions of the heterosexual love scene. Actually, I wasn't aware of that until now, after having seen that Zorg's clip shows Marie Forsa sipping on the old Slurpee straw of love. (You can see it in the middle capture below, and her face is clearly visible in other angles in the clip.) I've never even heard any mention of Forsa being in the club of the actresses who have performed unsimulated fellatio on camera, but here it is!

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  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Salon Kitty


Another massive project. All the still captures can be found on Monday, July 14.

Today, the seventh and final film clip of Teresa Ann Savoy


Son of Cain


Maria Molins



Defoe's picks o' the week:

Juliet Lemonnier in the first two episodes of Hotel de la Plage in 1080p

Margaux Rossi in the second episode of Hotel de la Plage in 1080p


Scoop's note: three collages that I screwed up yesterday ...

Bloodbath in the House of Knives (2010 video)

Anne Reiss: cleavage.

Slim and Lena

 (2009 short)

strippers: topless with pasties.

TV and Film Clips

Melanie Thierry in The Zero Theorem (2013) in 720p

Erin Darke in Kill Your Darlings (2013) in 720p

Lena Lauzemis and Sophie Bogdan in Wer Wenn Nicht Wir (2011)



Lucia Jimenez and her stunt double in The Kovac Box (2006) in 720p


stunt double

The women of Das Haus der schlafenden Schoenen (2006)

Sarah Swenshon and Isabelle Wackers

Jacqueline Le Saunier

Lisa Elsner

Babet Mader

Maria Burghardt

Stephanie Steck


Zoe Trilling in To Protect And Serve (1992)

Sara Botsford in Deadly Eyes (1982) in 720p

The women of She-Devils of the SS (1973) in 720p

Elisabeth Felchner and Renate Kasche



Birgit Bergen and Evelyn Raess



Marisa Feldy


Angie Dickinson in Point Blank, way back in 1967 in 720p


Two great captures of Adelaide Clemens in Parade's End

episode 3

episode 5