Girls Gone Dead


"A group of six ex-high school cheerleaders are stalked by a killer with a medieval war hammer and battle axe during their first Spring Break from college."

I think you can determine the general spirit of the film and the level of its intellectual sophistication from that description and some key members of its cast: Jerry Lawler, Ron Jeremy, Sal the Stockbroker, Linnea Quigley, Beetlejuice, and breasts.

Not necessarily in that order.

Girls Gone Dead is a jokey, Troma-style horror film, and the plot is pretty much identical to all other films where the homicidal maniac gradually slaughters all the mindlessly horny teenagers until the "good" kids miraculously survive.

Oh, did I spoil it for you?

Linnea, the legendary scream queen who is now in her mid-50s, appears as a singing Australian bartender named Willie. Really. I mean, could I make that up? Her singing is roughly on the same level as Marky Mark's rendition of "The Theme From Octopussy" in Ted, which is to say that she's so far from musical pitch that she would probably embarrass Bjørk.

Anyway, the real point of the film is to have a few laughs and expose a few breasts, as far as I can determine. Using that definition of its sub-genre, it's in the middle of the pack. The film's plot, humor and characterization are predictable, but not entirely awful. I watched most of it patiently, but certain individual scenes were so perfunctory and predictable that I just fast-forwarded to something more interesting like, for example, breasts. In the tit-tay department, I'd rate the film a bit above average. The girls are cute, there are plenty of breasts to ogle, and just about all of the breasts are natural.

So it's got that goin' for it.


Here you go:

Amanda Kathryn

Krystyna Ahlers

Caley Hayes and Shea Stewart. In the clip where they both appear topless, Shea is the one who gets her top pulled off immediately. Caley then takes her own off, in the spirit of things.

Brandy Whitford and Ryan Keely. Brandy is the short one with big breasts.

Janessa Brazil (on the slide)

Jennifer Worthington

TV Round Up

Femme Fatales is now the nude highlight of the Friday schedule. Here's s2e10 in 720p, from Recapped

Jennifer Thompson

Jes Macallan

Sadie Alexandru


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


The Last Station


1080p clips of Kerry Condon

Mad Dog Morgan


Mad Dog Morgan, ah Mad Dog Morgan, is a 1976 biographical drama about notorious bushranger Daniel Morgan (Dennis Hopper, yes Dennis Hopper at his most ridiculous best), an Irishman driven to robbing a stagecoach when his luck runs out in the goldfields. He is caught and sent to jail for 12 years where he is subjected to all sorts of horrors. On release, Morgan vows revenge on everyone who wronged him and because he is broke, he must rob some folk as well. When Morgan is shot, he is nursed back to health by an Aborigine named Billy (David Gulpilil from Walkabout), who then joins forces with Morgan to help him escape from the encroaching traps (police), headed by a harsh Superintendent (Frank Thring, in fine form) and led on the ground by Detective Manwaring (Jack Thompson). As Morgan heads to Victoria, he also seems to be given the support of many people who hate the traps and authority as much as he does.

This is a bizarre film and I suppose that is why Troma were involved with it for a while. Dennis Hopper is so over the top (and possibly under the influence) that it's impossible not to shake your head in disbelief. And the director Philippe Mora (later of Howling 2 and 3, Communion) seems just as eccentric with some absolutely bizarre stuff going on. I wouldn't say this was a particularly good film, but one you should watch just for the sheer madness of it. And it contains the best final line in cinema history (And don't forget the scrotum...).

Liza Lee Atkinson film clip (sample images below)

The Odd Angry Shot


The Odd Angry Shot is a 1979 war comedy about a group of soldiers trying to survive the boredom and the danger of the Vietnam War. Bill (John Jarratt) joins a platoon already well into the war. When they are not on duty, they are stuck in camp with not a lot to do but gamble and get drunk and avoid the clockwork-like rain that constantly falls. And every once in a while they come under mortar fire and the platoon suffers casualties. All Bill has to do is survive his stint, even as his girl doesn't write to him.

It's a bit like M*A*S*H, but with an Australian larrikin spirit. The Odd Angry Shot is a pretty damn good film with plenty of laughs, some quite tragic moments (poor John Hargreaves' character cops a whole lotta shit), and a great ensemble of actors that round out this genuine Australian classic.

Sarah Lee film clip (sample images below)

Sharon Higgins film clip (sample images below)



Laura Prepon in Lay the Favorite, this time in gorgeous 1080p quality. The clip is dubbed into German, but you probably won't even notice until about the fifth time you watch it.

Maria Valverde in Madrid 1987 (2011)

Diana Garcia in Sin Nombre (2009)


A runaway breast from Christina Milian on Miami Beach Thursday

Deborah Caprioglio in Tinto Brass's Paprika (1989)

Valentine Demy in Paprika