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Body of Evidence


Part 2 of 2

Julianne Moore DVD film clip (frame captures below)


Shawn Lusader DVD film clip (frame captures below)








Cold Heart Canyon


Today we have Holly Morgan, who plays a prostitute who bares all in these caps and 2 clips.




TV Land


Over in TV Land we have Maria Celeste putting on a nice leg & thigh show on "Today". Caps and 2 HD clips.








Notes and collages

"Wonder Woman"

episode: "The Boy Who Knew her Secret"

Lynda Carter








Van Wilder: Freshman Year


This third in a series is a prequel to 2002's National Lampoon's Van Wilder, which was about a hard partying guy who had spent seven years in college.

Predictable as all hell but still kind of funny, and loaded with hot women.

When Van shows up at Coolidge College, his plans are to party hardy as had all his ancestors, also graduates of Coolidge, and all of whom had a serious reputation at the school. Unfortunately for Van, the dean has other ideas, including putting him in ROTC to straighten him out. That works out exactly as well as you'd expect. There isn't an original thought in this movie, let alone a unique plot, but it is full of fun, and full of hot women, so what else matters?

Farrah Fisher Kristin Cavallari Meredith Giangrande
Sarah Oliver   various












Evan Rachel Wood in ID magazine

Lady Gaga's bum

Izabella Miko in Dark Secrets

Emmanuelle Vaugier in Hysteria

Cheyenne Tozzi

Kym Marsh

Natalia Vodianova


Film Clips

Adriana Ugarte and Ana Wagener in Cabeza de Perro

Petra Morze and Suzanne Wuest in Antares. Another must-see. This is a legit movie, but the Petra Morze footage would be considered by some to be hardcore porn.

Lucie Haluzik in The Slave Huntress.