"Hard Hunted"

Hard Hunted (1992) is an Andy Sidaris bullets, bombs and babes effort. There are no surprises in this one, as the usual Sidaris elements are present. The federal agents, including a lot of big busted women, are out to stop an evil villain from selling a nuke triggering device to a hostel government. The villain hires a guy with a stealth helicopter to help him. And, as usual, Sidaris manages to get a lot of women to show breasts and buns in hot tub, shower, and sex scenes. These women include Carolyn Liu, Cynthia Brimhall, Becky Mullen, Ava Cadell, Mika Quintard, Roberta Vasquez and Dona Speir. For those who keep track of such things, that includes three Heffers and a Pet.

IMDB readers have this at 2.8 of 10, placing it near the bottom of his films. This is a clear C-. If you want T & A in good light, a few tech toys, lots of shootouts and bombs, and a minimal plot, this film delivers.

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  • Ava Cadell (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
  • Becky Mullen (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Carolyn Liu (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
  • Cynthia Brimhall (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
  • Dona Speir (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Mika Quintard (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • Roberta Vasquez (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    The Last of the High Kings (1996):

    Tuna talked about this film last week, under the name Summer Fling. It is a highly personal coming-of-age film centered around a guy who finishes high school in the summer of 1977 in Howth (in the Dublin area), and passes 40-something days that summer waiting for the grade report that will determine his future.

    The process of creating and funding The Last of the High Kings was probably more interesting than the film itself. Before the smoke had cleared, seven different production companies had been involved, and they came from four different European countries plus the United Sates. When it looked like it would never get made at all, Miramax came along like a white knight and bailed it out.

    The North American money was welcome, of course, but the Miramax involvement forced the producer and director to make casting decisions they did not want to make, because Miramax wanted lots of faces familiar to North American Audiences. Thus, Jared Leto, Christina Ricci, and Catherine O'Hara got cast.

    Gabriel Byrne is well known in North America, but was not one of the dictated choices. In fact, Byrne actually wrote the first draft of the screenplay adapted from Ferdia MacAnna's 1991 novel. When director David Keating first contacted MacAnna, the latter informed him that Byrne had already asked about the rights. Keating asked for a meeting with Byrne, and they ending up setting the terms for a certain type of hands-off collaboration.

    Here's an interview with David Keating from Ireland's Film West magazine.

    Despite the fact that this movie took seven years to come to DVD in North America, and never had a successful commercial release in North American theaters, I found it to be a cute movie. Tuna liked it as well.

    I think High Kings works beautifully as a coming of age film. Like many of the best ones, it takes place in the last summer after high school, before the old gang splits up and goes in separate directions. I'm not surprised at its limited marketability. It is not a blockbuster type of film, but a low-key personal one. It is not a very ambitious high-profile kind of film, but it succeeds at what it sets out to do. It meets all the basic requirements of the "coming of age" genre, which are:

    1. Nostalgia. I was not a teenager in Ireland in 1977, but I felt like I got a great sense of what it was like to be one. Is it accurate? I don't know. But it was vivid and evocative, and it felt real to me.

    2. Credibility. Unless the film is going for wacky summer comedy status, which this film was not, it is essential to avoid high concepts and plot contrivances. No murders, no conspiracies, no exchanging bodies with another soul, no geeks using their technical skills to defeat jocks in football, no geniuses, no identical twins. This film just consists of normal people experiencing the hope, exhilaration, sadness, and uncertainty of the transition from childhood to young adulthood.

    3. Emotional involvement. It's easy to put oneself into the shoes of the characters, to share their triumphs and disappointments.

    4. Sexual anticipation. It is pictured well, and the pursuit of the two girls is pictured as it might really have happened. I really felt like I was going through the stages of pursuit with the kid.

    5. Humor. The Catherine O'Hara character is quite funny. She sometimes seems kind of larger than life, and you can't imagine any mother being that narrow minded or talking that way to her children, but then she also proves to be engaging and complex, and loving in her own crazy way, so that by the end of the movie we can believe she was a real person, really the author's mom, and not a "made-for-cinema" character. Also funny, albeit underused,  was Steven Rea as a droll taxi driver.

    • Lorraine Pilkington (1, 2)
    • Emily Mortimer (bikini) (1, 2)





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    Graphic Response
    • The simply gorgeous Ludivine Sagnier bares all in scenes from "Water Drops On Burning Rocks" (2000).

    • Elizabeth Perkins, the co-star of "Big" topless and 'flying solo' in scenes from "I'm Losing You" (1998).

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    comments by Copperhead

    "The Turn-On" aka "Click" (1985):


    • The Turn On was a rental I found in the Unrated Version at Blockbuster in Texas.  I immediately recognized the story as "Click" based on an underground comic by Milo Manara. Don't confuse this with the "Teen" movies with similar names, such as The Big Turn On.  This is completely different. 
    • IMDB list as Le Declic:
    • Actresses include:
      • Jacqueline Chavet
      • Corrine Corron
      • Maria Ford
      • Florence Guérin
      • Marjean Holden
      • Lisa Marks
      • Toni Naples
      • Geraldine Pernet


    The movie is about a "clicker" device that turns women into sex machines. The inventor has to test it on real women, which leads to
    many situations involving nudity and faux-sex, as well as embarrassment when the girls come to their senses and realize their exposure. One such scene has a blonde following a man giving a tour.  He turns to see that she has been hit by the "clicker" and is completely naked.  The rest of the tour group come upon them writhing on the ground.  One scene in a strip club was particularly memorable, especially when
    I realized the actress was none other than Maria Ford, with flaming red hair and pre-enhancement boobs. She's always been a favorite
    from her Morella days on (actually I think I saw her in a martial arts movie the first time) until she surgically destroyed her  ppeal. I found out that this scene was filmed and added as an afterthought - it really had nothing to do with the movie, and her character doesn't appear at
    any other time. Anyway, she's embarrassed to be at the strip club, and is so grossed out that she starts to leave., But then she is hit by
    the "clicker", and joins the stripper on stage and starts her own act. She starts off in a conservative business skirt and blouse.  She takes
    off her blouse, but when she starts to take off her skirt, her two girlfriends try to stop her, but they are held back by men in the  crowd, and forced to watch as she humiliates herself. Several nice full frontal shots as she dances. Her boss and fiancee and some business associates come in, and see  her dancing on stage, completely naked except for high heels and thigh-high stockings. About this time the clicker is turned off, and she comes to her senses. Her friends rush to her side as she crouches, naked, on stage.

    This is at least the third movie treatment of this theme that I've seen. Even Rod Steele Agent 0014 was the same story. Another one involved the "clicker" falling from a plane and landing in a health club.  This is definitely the best of the lot, for nudity anyway.



    Extensive and well-lit full-frontal by several actresses, Maria Ford probably being the best-known.  There are even some near "gyno-shots." All actresses are attractive and natural, top and bottom. There are some other nice situations and scenes in this movie, since  each girl that strips is humiliated when she wakes up.



    • It is supposed to take place in New Orleans (scenes of paddle-wheels on the river) but most of it was probably filmed in France. Most of the credits were French names. There is director credit for some "additional scenes", which seem to have been shot for the USA version. (see note on Maria Ford's stripping scene, above).
    • Milo Manara, the comic book writer, was the production manager - the movie's final scene fades to his comic book drawing of the same scene. The IMDB also lists Manara as the writer for Rod Steele Agent 0014, which also had a "clicker" used in a similar situation, relating to fake-007 antics. 
    • And most interesting to me: I found this Unrated version for rent at a Blockbuster in Texas.  I couldn't believe it was still on the shelf - Blockbuster made such a big deal about not carrying the NC-17 Showgirls.  Can you say "Hypocrisy"?



    This is what an Unrated movie should be like. I can only think of a handful of movies with a story, full and extensive nudity, and well-lit photography that have been made in the last 30 years. Why can't they take this formula, and make movies for the obvious market they are intended?  Playboy, are you listening?

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    More Canadian stuff today...

    "Bedroom Eyes" (1984)
    This Canadian peeper-creeper is a lesser version of the Brian De Palma classic Body Double released the year before. If that wasn't bad enough it had a sequel starring Linda Blair.

    "Mr. Patman" (1980) (aka Crossover)
    James Coburn drama sometimes confused with the videogame Mr. Pacman.

    "Alienated" (2003-?)
    New low-budget Canadian sci-fi televison series about a family that gets abducted by aliens. Lots of jokes about anal probes.

    The Outer Limits, season seven (2001-2002)
    More PG-rated nudity from the syndicated series. The highlight this week is a rare appearance by Heather Donahue from The Blair Witch Project.

    • Kimberley Warnat: sexy in "Family Values".
    • Heather Donahue: braless and distant bare back in "The Surrogate".
    • Laura Harris: brassiere in episode "Mona Lisa" (note the PG-rating logo that appears 15 seconds before Laura tears the head off the guy)
    • Sherilyn Fenn: partial nude in "Replica" (possible body double but she looks good tied up).

    Other misc. stuff:

    • Victoria Sanchez: topless/nude in an episode of "Bliss".
    • Ilse von Glatz: topless in "Graveyard Shift II" (1988).
    • Kelly Craig: full frontal in the comedy "Perfect Timing" (1984).
    • Nikki Pezano: breasts and buns in the video-nasty "Psycho Girls" (1985).
    • Leslie Hope: PG-rated breast exposure in "Caught in the Act" (1993/I).
    • An unknown in the topless-lesbian-boxing classic "Punch" has been identified. The girl in the locker room scene is Sarah Lind. She's also a regular on Edgement.

    Last week Elizabeth Montgomery was confused with Belinda Montgomery. Here are the caps again.

    Cameron Diaz
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22)

    No nudity, but there is some cleavage and plenty of views of Cameron in undies and a bikini top.

    Georgina Cates
    (1, 2, 3)

    Red undies and brief breast views in scenes from "Clay Pigeons" (1998).