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The world's 10 shortest books.
  1. My progress in finding the real killers, by O.J. Simpson
  2. Things I wouldn't do for money and attention, by Dennis Rodman
  3. My Wild Years, by Al Gore
  4. America's Most Popular Lawyers
  5. Dr Kevorkian's Motivational Speeches
  6. Parisian Courtesy Tips
  7. George Foreman's Big Book of Baby Names
  8. Mike Tyson's guide to dating etiquette
  9. How to stay on top, by Art Garfunkel
  10. The Amish Phone directory
Barb Wire
  • I watched this movie all the way through. That was an exercise in endurance, especially since the movie pulled a Barbarella, and put 90% of the nudity in the opening credits. Here's my recommendation. Rent the DVD. Watch the opening credits. Watch the outtakes, which are more scenes from the opening credit sequence. Fast forward to the scene where Pam takes her bubble bath. If you try to watch the film, don't say I didn't warn you. The thing I loved best about it was that they explained the premise several times: "right afyer the second American Civil War, 2017, New Steel harbor, the last free city, etc." Why did they keep telling us this? I guess the people who made the movie assumed that the viewers would be their equal in raw brainpower. Despite all that, Pam looked quite trim and sexy in the opening credits, and this was one of the nicer frames.
  • Pam in the opening credits. One more good frame.
  • Pam in the opening credits. Two more frames.
  • Pam in the opening credits. She's dry this time!
  • Pam in the opening credits. A sampler of four frames.
  • This is the scene after the bubble bath, when Pam slips out of her robe. The caps came out pretty good.
  • More "firsts" and "earlies"
  • Alisha Klass, pre-porn.
  • Shane, pre-porn
  • Uschi Digart - an odd publicity shot from the set of Kentucky Fried Movie
  • The first-ever nudes from Julie Ege (Creatures the World Forgot)
  • one more Ege
  • Peta Wilson, pre Nikita
  • More
  • Anne Heche in Psycho
  • Halle Berry cleavage, from Crow
  • Nikki Cox cleavage from Unhappily
  • Athena Massey in Virtual Combat, from GR
  • Mary Louise Weller in Animal House, from gr
  • I didn't know about this other brief topless scene with Mary Louise Weller. Just a quick flash in Forced Vengeance.
  • more of Zeta-Jones in Out of the Blue, from Jimmy the Saint
  • I've seen plenty of frames of Helen Baxendale in Truth or Dare, but Jimmy the Saint came up with some nice fresh material from this movie
  • Helen Baxendale in Truth or Dare
  • Liliane Foresteri in Lissy, from Slartibartfast
  • Vasiliki Roussi in Das Siegel
  • paparazzi shot of Denise van Outen
  • Ricky, showing lots of cleavage on German tv