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As you undoubtedly know, this page is way late. Since I'm going to write the Tuesday page in just a couple of hours, I'm going to do the following: I will place only the time-sensitive material on this page, and will bump all the vintage material to tomorrow's page.  This page will therefore be short (but good).

TV Recap

Krystal Harris in last night's Ray Donovan, s3e2

Jazmyn Simon (and some others) in last night's Ballers, s1e5



Kelly Reilly in last night's True Detective, s2e5

As far as I know, based on the output or lack thereof of Zorg and others, there was no nudity on Masters of Sex last night. I'll watch it in a few minutes and correct that statement tomorrow if needed. In the meantime, you can get a Lizzy Caplan fix in Aesthete's magnificent HD clips from season one (below).

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"Masters of Sex"

Season One



Lizzy Caplan

Helene Yorke

Annaleigh Ashford

Pics and Collages

Miley Cyrus topless, nearly nude, with nipples/areolae painted