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Notes: There was no nudity in Entourage last night, and there was no female nudity in Hung.


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Body of Evidence


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Multiple Madonna DVD-quality film clips (frame captures below)

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We have three from "Cruel World".

Jaime Pressly, very sexy, but pokies only. Caps and a clip.

Susan Ward is all legs getting out of a car. Caps and a clip.

Paige Green: another hottie with a great set of legs. Caps and a clip.





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The good stuff is over in TV Land as we have Constance Marie of the "George Lopez" show. Constance is one hot MILF in her hot nurse outfit. Caps and a clip.








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Sarah Polley in John Adams

Tiffany Shepis in HD caps from Dark Reel

Carrie Stevens in Who's Your Daddy


Film Clips

Edwige Fenech in Zucchero Miele e Peperoncino

Embeth Davitz in Fragments

Ingrid Pitt, Madeline Smith and many others in The Vampire Lovers

Joanna Krupa in The Dog Problem

Tiffany Bolling and Susan Sennett in The Candy Snatchers

Karoline Herfurth in Im Winter ein Jahr (samples right)  
Tina Ruland in Vier Kuesse und eine e-Mail (sample right)  
Alexandra Maria Lara in Der Fischer und seine Frau (sample right)  
Joanna Andraos in Help (samples right, film summary below)  

Lebanese Actress/ Politician's Daughter Joanna Andraos in Banned Movie

Edited by C2000 from review at Download Foreign Movies

"Help" is a Lebanese film by director Marc Abi-Rached. It's the mostly platonic triangular story of a delinquent teenager called Ali who lives in an abandoned van in a junkyard, who befriends a prostitute called Soraya, who rooms with her gay friend Janot. The themes - homosexuality, prostitution, drug taking - and full frontal nudity from Joanna Andraos are daring for Lebanon. Particularly as Joanna is the daughter of Antoine Andraos a senior politician in the ruling March 14 Coalition.

So far so cool. Abi-Rached got permission to distribute his movie in July 2008 from the ominously called Lebanese General Security board, which serves as the country's film licensing authority. The board asked Abi-Rached to blur a scene of lower frontal nudity, and to restrict the movie to adults. Abi-Rached complied and got himself a license--license number 1460, to be precise. The movie was shown to reviewers on Feb. 12, who gave it pretty good reviews, and it was scheduled to open on Feb. 19.

Then it was banned. So what could have happened to the movie? It's Lebanon, therefore it's conspiracy time. The religious element is obvious, but too obvious. Too convenient. The homosexual element may be a bit more convincing. Lebanon isn't Iowa, after all (or Vermont or Massachusetts or California). It's more like the sort of place where Antonin Scalia and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could still feel comfortable--where homosexual acts are illegal.

So maybe that's what did it. Lebanon's moviemakers, from Nadine Labaki ("Caramel") to the emerging great Philipe Aractingi ("Bosta," "Under the Bombs") and the fitfully fabulous Ziad Doueiri ("West Beyrouth," "Lila dit ša") are an undiscovered country of force and wonders. But they tread on themes close to Lebanon's broken heart. In "Help," Marc Abi-Rached tries the Star Trek approach--going where no Lebanese moviemaker has gone before. Gay theme, full monty. A dare too far?

No. It's about Joanna Andraos. She's one of the stars of the movie. She's also the daughter of Antoine Andraos. Antoine Andraos is a member of Lebanon's Parliament. Not only that. He's a member or the ruling March 14 Alliance. He's running for reelection in June's parliamentary bash. And he, like the rest of the March 14 Alliance that represents Lebanon's alleged "Cedar Revolution" (and western outlook) is in a fight for the coalition's life as Hezbollah's coalition appears poised to make big gains, and perhaps demolish the March 14 coalition.

Antoine Andraos doesn't want to lose. He doesn't want his daughter's movie thrown up in his face every time he delivers a speech. If you know Lebanese families, if you know Lebanese fathers, you probably know the kind of anguished, top-of-the-lung screaming match that may have taken place in the Andraos living room. Spacious as it is, as all Lebanese living rooms are, it wouldn't have been spacious enough to contain the decibels of Father Andraos shouting his despair at his daughter's transformation into a prostitute, however fictional the transformation.