"Romeo and Juliet"

Shakespeare was clearly one of the greatest writers in the English language. He took widely known stories, and created masterpieces of brilliant dialogue. Unfortunately, this translates to endless talking, which means they don't translate well to film. Romeo and Juliet was no exception. For me, it drug forever on the screen, where the same material on stage, possibly even the same actors, would have been exhilarating. The transfer to DVD was not especially good. It was a little grainy, and undersaturated. The art direction and costuming, other than the party scene and Juliet's red dress were rather drab as well. If I want to see the story of Romeo and Juliet on DVD, I will stick in West Side Story.

Postscript to Femalien 2 from last night. I have been informed that the actress identified as Summer Leeds is usually known as Amy Lindsay, and Debra Summers is better known as Summer Knight.


Olivia Hussey (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

"Jason's Lyric"

Jason's Lyric is a rather hackneyed story. Two ghetto brothers, one good, the other a drug using criminal, still have a close bond. The good brother feels responsible for his brother and his mother. Then he falls in love with a waitress who is every man's fantasy of a girl friend. While the gang-banging ghetto portions of this film did not do much for me, despite a good performance by Bokeem Woodbine as the evil brother, the love story worked very well. It didn't hurt that Lyric, played by Jada Pinkett, was lovely, and showed her charms, but the character development, and the development of the relationship between the two drew me in.

The love scenes were cut severely to avoid an NC-17, and it is a travesty. While there is heat and passion, there is more poetry and tenderness in the sex scenes. The art direction for both an outdoor love scene and an indoor one was wonderful (see the top images). I give this one a shaky thumbs up, due to the love story.


Jada Pinkett (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Sabrina Allen Helcrom is officially my hero! 30 collages from some of the hottest ladies on Skinemax! As added bonus, many of these movies have been on this month, so you still might be able to catch them late one night! But if you can't watch them on TV, it looks like Helcrom has pretty much nabbed all the highlights for you!

So what do we have in these 'caps...all the usual variety...bare breasts, full frontals, butt shots, lesbian scenes. Basically...completely gratuitous nudity! Woo-Hoo!

First up..Sabrina from "Embrace of the Vampire", topless only, and sorry, no Alyssa Milano in any "Embrace..." 'caps.

Danielle Ciardi From "Power Play". Topless love scene 'caps.
Mindy Clarke Vidcaps from "Return of the Living Dead", topless only.
Brandy Davies From "Pleasurecraft". Topless, bottomless, full frontal, and love scene caps!
Nikki Fritz Topless and frontal scenes from "Hotel Exotica"
Glori Gold Many know Glori from one of my late night favorites, "Hot Springs Hotel". These topless 'caps feature Glori in "Embrace of the Vampire".
Natasha Gregson-Wagner 'Caps from "Modern Vampires"
Landon Hall One of the better actresses (is there such a thing?) in the soft core, B-movie genre, in vidcaps from "Hotel Exotica". Mostly topless 'caps, with one great frame of her bum.
Michelle Hall Topless in "Sexual Matrix"
Taimie Hannum Topless, frontal, sex scene, and 3-way lesbo action from "Pleasurecraft"
Andrea Hargitay Topless 'caps from "Pleasurecraft"
Ahmo Hight The professional swimsuit model with the most unusual name...Here she is showing off her flexibility in both regular and lesbo sex scenes from "Hotel Exotica".
Josie Hunter Shower scene from "The Erotic House of Wax". Josie played the demanding role of "Josie" in this movie.
Gal Lawrence From her only credited film, "Hotel Exotica". Frontal exposure, plus a little something for the good, old fashioned bondage folk.
Yvette Leva Topless from "The Erotic House of Wax".
Bobbie Marie 3-way and lesbo lovin' from "The Erotic House of Wax"
Leight Matchett Another great topless collage of an unknown late-night bimbo, from "The Erotic House of Wax".
Mia Topless frames and some butt cleavage from "Sexual Matrix".
Amber Newman Topless and full frontal 'caps from "Pleasurecraft"
Amber Newman Topless only from "Sexual Matrix"
Nikko More lesbian lovin' from "The Erotic House of Wax"
Leslie Olivan Gettin' it on that the "Hotel Exotica"
Elizabeth Patrick Bath tub love, from "Sexual Matrix"
Regina Russel From "Sexual Matrix"
Shayna Ryan Topless 'caps only, from "Embrace of the Vampire"
Shayna Ryan Showing off her big fake boobs in "Pleasurecraft"
Heidi Schanz Mostly topless, with a few butt 'caps from "Body Language"
Taylor St. Claire In a pretty heavy duty lesbo scene from "Hotel Exotica". If you haven't seen the movie, and if your into lesbian scenes, I recommend this one. Once you take out all of the stupid gymnastics, you still have quite a bit of high quality lesbian lovin'.
Shannon Tweed Topless (of course) from "Power Play"
Sandy Wasko Last but not least, vidcaps once again from "Sexual Matrix"
WhyScan's Page Three Report
If Page Three is unfamiliar to you, this link describes the Page Three tradition.
Today's Page 3 girl....Melanie. (1, 2, 3, 4)
Lisa McCune
(1, 2, 3)
Comments by Oz:
Only one celebrity today - Lisa McCune in The Potato Factory, a television mini series. She might not be well known in the rest of the world but I can assure you she is extremely popular down here in Australia. This, I think, is her first public nudity. She hasn't even bared her body for the many magazines now available.
Aunty Jack
Rachel Griffiths Topless 'cap of the Aussie actress.
Rebecca Gibney Topless 'caps from 1983's "Among the Cinders".
"The Bare Wench Project"
Julie K. Smith
(1, 2, 3)
Kinda obvious what they were poking fun of with this one. Although I have not seen it, I probably can just check out these 'caps to get all of the best parts.
Nikki Fritz Nikki also stars in "The Bare Tits Project". Is that really a different movie or just a different distribution title? Has anyone seen both?
Lorissa McComas Nice assortment of topless frames, plus a few frontals too!
and ...
Elizabeth Perkins Almost full frontal nudity from "I'm Losing You".
Rosanna Arquette Tremendous cleavage 'caps by UC99 from "Gun"

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