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"The Night Manager"

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High-Rise is a new drama apparently set in the 1970s where a doctor, Laing (Tom Hiddleston), moves into a high-rise apartment complex with a very rigid social structure, to which he starts at the bottom. He moves in above Charlotte (Sienna Miller) and her son and she immediately takes a liking to him and they begin an affair. She also seems to know everyone in the complex. Soon Laing meets the other tenants like documentary filmmaker Wilder (Luke Evans) and his pregnant wife Helen (Elisabeth Moss), well-known and very vain actress Jane (Sienna Guillory) and the owners of the building who live on the top floor, Royal (Jeremy Irons) and his wife Ann (Keeley Hawes). Things seem fine in the complex, although nobody seems to remember where they parked in the confusing car park, and Royal and his underlings are setting certain restrictions on the place. After a children's party gets wildly out of hand, Royal, through his underlings, shuts off everything in the building and everything goes to shit very quickly. Not only does the power and water go, but the supermarket in the building runs out of supplies and everyone reverts to their base instincts to survive. If only they could leave the complex...

Very "out there" movie that is one part fascinating, one part frustrating, but it intrigued me to the end. Plus I do love a society falling apart story, so High-Rise is well worth watching for that reason alone and I also liked the director's previous movies Kill List and Sightseers. But a number of things are not explained all that well, so I kept wondering why nobody could just leave in the troubled time when they seemed to be able to before. Also, people seemed to exist well enough without food and water. One strange movie...

Sienna Miller
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Zoe Kravitz in The Road Within (2015) in 720p

Jessie Li in Port of Call (2015) in 720p

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Glenda Jackson in The Romantic Englishwoman (1975) in 720p

Faye Dunaway in Doc (1971) in 1080hd

Natalie Wood in Splendor in the Grass (1961) in 720p


Amy Schumer at the beach (no nudity)

Kim Kardashian in a sorta-kinda see-through dress