TV Recap

Naturi Naughton was topless in last night's Power. (S2e6; also seen: Lucy Walters in bikini underwear.)

Phebe Szatmari in WOMYN INC: Asking for It (e5). It's technically not TV, but a web series.


Speaking of something that is technically not a TV show, on the 7-17 episode of Naked News, Angie Heyward did a segment about Milo Morai, the Swedish woman who was arrested for wandering around Paris naked for some obscure semi-artistic reason or another. God bless performance art, as long as I can just see the highlights and not have to sit through it.

In that regard, come to think of it, it's a lot like baseball.

Or Kabuki theater.


From HBO Brazil: Magnifica 70 (s1e6) in 720p. According to the dates on these images, this episode hasn't yet aired.

Simone Spoladore

Julia Ianina

Bella Camero

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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie



Pamela Franklin

Ghost Whisperer

Returning to my dedication to Jennifer Love Hewitt and, in particular, her cleavage. In Ghost Whisperer JLH plays a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts who hadn’t yet ‘passed over’. Invariably, the dead are trying to send messages to the living, which is where JLH comes in. Personally, I felt the basis of the show was shite but the eye candy provided by JLH and a few others made it worth the watch. These caps were from the third and fourth seasons and were made in 2008.

Episode 13 Home But Not Alone (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 14 The Gravesitter (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 15 Horror Show (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 16 Deadbeat Dads (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 17 Stranglehold (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 18 Pater Familias (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Episode 1 Firestarter (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 2 Big Chills (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 3 Ghost in the Machine (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 4 Save Our Souls (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 6 Imaginary Friends and Enemies (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 7 Threshold (2008)

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Film and TV Clips

Mindy Robinson in A Blood Story (2015) in 720p

Lena Lauzemis and Vicky Krieps in M Wie Martha (2015)

Kimberly Matula in Dawn Patrol (2015) in 720p

Petra Schmidt-Schaller and "unidentified" in Stereo (2014) in 1080hd

Aja Chachanhsy and friends in Bigfoot's Wild Weekend (2012) in 720p

Molly Blixt Egelind in Til alle mine venner (2010) in 720p