An American Affair


An American Affair kicks off with an intriguing premise. It's the early 1960s in Washington, D.C. - Camelot time. An eighth grader becomes intrigued by his sexy neighbor when he catches a glimpse of her sitting topless near one of her windows. Aroused and wanting more, he starts to lose sleep by keeping his eyes peeled at all hours of the night for more nudity, and he even acquires a pair of binoculars to make the whole premise work a lot more like Rear Window, and we begin to suspect he will witness a crime. He does not see any more nudity, nor does he see a crime committed, but he definitely sees something he should not. One night, in the wee hours, the neighbor receives a booty call from none other than President John F. Kennedy!

Some clever writers in a screenwriting competition might be able to create a score of great movies by taking that same premise in twenty different directions. Unfortunately, none of those fellows worked on this film. American Affair soon degenerates into a wild-eyed entry in the JFK assassination genre, and is filled with touches that are downright loony, like the way the young Peeping Tom skulks around familiar Washington landmarks, and hides behind the columns in stately Georgian colonnades, from which vantage he is easily able to eavesdrop on expert CIA spooks. Even loonier is the way he gains possession of a secret diary which proves that the CIA and anti-Castro Cubans killed Kennedy. Good thing this kid wasn't on the Russian payroll.

Meanwhile, the kid's regular parochial school life also continues to move forward and follows the usual path of the "baby boomer coming of age" genre. The film's two genres do not marry happily. It is in the nature of coming-of-age dramas to be realistic and close to the bone, with small details carefully realized. We have to believe the main characters because that genre only works when we can establish some kind of connection to our own experiences. In that respect, this film fails in spades, because that sort of small, personal story is layered into wacky geopolitics, wackier characters, and still wackier conspiracy theories, resulting in not a single credible moment in the film. There is no element of the film which is free from contrivance and artificiality: not the boy's relationship with his sexy neighbor, not his interaction with his schoolmates, not his interaction with his parents, and especially not his interaction with JFK's killers (who, implausibly enough, include the ex-husband of the sexy neighbor.)

My favorite scene? When JFK's assassination is announced on TV, the kid wanders into the apartment of the sexy neighbor. She is absolutely overcome with grief (she loved JFK, as in true love), so the boy does what any of us would do in the same circumstances. He kisses her passionately and grabs her breasts.

No, wait. My favorite scene would actually have to be the finale, when the guys who killed JFK also kill the sexy neighbor because she knows too much, and also burn her diary to tie up all the loose ends. That part of the story was loosely inspired by the life of Mary Meyer, a real Washingtonian who had an affair with JFK and was killed within a year of Kennedy's death. Those plot twists could have seemed sensible if the film been a pure political thriller, but the script also had to wrap up the coming-of-age portion of the plot. In order to accomplish that, the author had the CIA spooks simply leave the 13-year-old kid alone with the neighbor's dead body, even though he had read the diary and knew that the CIA killed both his fantasy woman and the President of the United States.

Oh, and did I mention that both of the kid's parents were prize-winning investigative journalists?

Yeah, I guess the CIA wrapped that right up, just like a present under this crazy Christmas tree we call life.

  • 5.0 at IMDb
  • It played in two theaters at the end of February and grossed a whopping $28,000.
  • Despite the limited distro it was reviewed by many major print sources, and currently scores 18% at Rotten Tomatoes
  • And 31/100 at Metacritic

Nudity report:

This movie is utterly silly, but how can you not enjoy a film with Gretchen Mol topless? She may not ever have blossomed into "the next big thing," as predicted in the late 90s, but I still love her! (And the quality of the clip is not so bad.)

One sample below, made by someone else from a different version of the video.


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Notes and collages

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Get out your scanners because Susan Backlinie (opening scene of Jaws) posed for the January 1973 Penthouse - two years before Jaws came out. I was only a 5 page spread but she must have given a shark eyed view of her pooter. That particular issue is readily available on marketplace in the magazine section and maybe eBay as well.

Boot Camp


About a boot camp for teen delinquents. Such an over-the-top exploitation that it looks like a reality spoof.

Mila Kunis: That '70s Show actress showing side boob

Regine Nehy: partial boob getting raped

Colleen Rennison: slightly wet t-shirt

Blind Trust

(2007 TV movie)

Another Lifetime movie that recently surfaced on Canada's Showcase with extra nudity.

Jessica Capshaw: PG-rated sex

Patricia Stasiak: R-rated topless in another role as another obligatory stripper. According to the IMDB sheis no longer doing stripper roles and is now working behind the camera in the props department. Too bad she won't be using props in front of the camera.

Good People, Bad Things

(2008; video)

Direct-to-video with no nudity by the cast proper, leaving it to a bunch of uncredited bimbos to provide some flesh in a sex montage.

Nadine Wright: sexy

Tess Reich: cleavage, skivvies

Jilena Cori: sexy

unknowns: sex montage

The Devil's Ground

(aka The Cycle; 2008)

Another slasher with all the old cliches except the nudity.

Leah Gibson: panties

Lee Tomaschefski: fully clothed sex

Maria Gruending: almost falling out of her top taking a whizz

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(aka Hearts of War; 2007)

Romeo and Juliet romance set in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Nina Dobrev: partial boob

Miriam McDonald: Degrassi actress, in underwear getting ravaged by German officer

Lindsey Frazier (blonde) and Jessica Horn (brunette): sexy as cabaret dancers


(2005 TV movie)

Iris Graham is down to her skivvies and brassiere.

"Side Effects"

(1994 TV series)

Toronto-based tv series.

Cynthia Belliveau: bra and panties by Mona Lott

Angela Asher: bra and panties as obligatory stripper suffering from crabs

Anna Pappas: PG-rated nudity


(2009 tv series)

Canadian low-budget sketch comedy.

Inessa Frantowski (Cock'd Gunns) is topless with pasties in the first episode.

This clip is used to advertise the show. (

"The Guard"

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episode: "Just Say No"

Jilena Cori shows her massive cleavage.







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