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Hidden Passion


Hidden Passion should probably have been titled "Kim Dawson gets naked." She does full frontal and rear nudity during the opening credits, at the end of the film, and so many times throughout that I lost track.

Kim plays a former stripper who is currently the trophy wife of a gangster who operates a huge club as a front for his other businesses. He shows little respect for her, and she has long since tired of him. One night, she catches hubby "breaking in" a new dancer, so she "breaks in" one of his employees. Hubby caught them, as intended, but was pleased to see that Kim was keeping the staff happy.

Even gangsters have bosses, and hubby was in the middle of trying to screw his boss out of a million dollars. Meanwhile, Kim's old flame arrives, and the two look for a way to get out from under hubby. When they find the million dollars under the bathroom sink, they think they have found a way ...

Michelle Tyler, Tami Moss and Melanie Wachsman also show everything.

What this cable film lacks in plot, it makes up for in simulated sex, nudity, and a little light bondage, making the overall score a C-, recommended if you are a Kim Dawson fan.

It is only available from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English, with optional Spanish subtitles. Click on the image for details.

Hidden Passion (1999)


Kim Dawson


Michelle Tyler


Tami Moss


Melanie Wachsman








Under Siege

Another nude classic movie scene ... 1992 ... Erika Eleniak pops out of the cake.






Notes and collages


(Tanya Roberts)









Shadow Puppets

Ok, this is your typical horror film where some people find themselves trapped in some place and they don't know how they got there or even who they are, but suddenly something starts killing them.

So, should you watch this one? Of course! Jolene is crazy HOT in this movie and Natasha is not far behind, just watching them walk around makes this movie worth your time, if you are into girls, of course

Scoop's note: We had a clip of Natacha the other day. Here's one of Jolene. She's not naked, but I second Vejiita's observation that she's smokin' hot.



Natacha Alam


Jolene Blalock









Saw a couple of interesting clips, one of Muriel Montossey in Cecilia and the other of Natasha Alam in Shadow Puppets. So I strung together a few images into collages of hooters and bums.


Natasha has a most delightful caboose:


And then there is Valentina Vaughn plus a couple of friends in Andrew Blake's Valentina. Because Ms Vaughn and one of her friends, Charlie Laine, were Pets of the Penthouse variety, Mr Blake was contractually obligated to put them into a weird-ass les-fest of a movie with no plot and every conceivable camera trick. We call that art. Vaughn and Laine are beauties, however, and both are committed to making all the world a gynecologist. Yep, sure are.


Valentina Vaughn

 (Film clips)



Charlie Laine


Bobbi Blair








I'm not sure why, but Cameron Diaz won the Internet Wheel of Fortune yesterday

Here are some new bikini pics:

And here are her famous classic topless shots (one has been colorized):

Other bikini babes popped up yesterday as well:

Venus Williams

Hayden Panettiere

Here is a film clip of Elisha Cuthbert's completely useless nude scene in Captivity. It's all out of focus, but hey, it's Elisha Cuthbert.
And various finds from here and there

Shania Twain

Angel Tompkins

Lilly Allen



The Comedy Wire

First it was his huge power bill, gas-guzzling jets and limos, and CO2-generating concert, and now Al Gore is being slammed for environmental hypocrisy over his daughter's wedding.  At the Beverly Hills ceremony, guests dined on Chilean sea bass, which a Humane Society spokeswoman protested is one of the world's most endangered fish.  About half of it is illegally harvested in violation of
environmental protection laws.  She said Gore "should choose something else to eat."  

*  I mean, look at him: he can't be that picky an eater. 

*  It's okay: Al bought $10,000 worth of bass offsets.

Police in Largo, Florida, were called to investigate a disturbance at a bar and found local man Dana Ferrell Shelton there, apparently intoxicated.  But they found no problems and told him to move along.  However, Shelton grabbed a phone and called the 911 police emergency line to report that he was "surrounded by Largo police" and needed help. Police said they were just standing there scratching their heads.  Shelton was charged with misusing the 911 line and could face a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail.

*  He used his one phone call to try to call Batman. 


A homeowner in Roy, Utah, was arrested for attempted homicide after he caught a stranger in his back yard trying to light his barbecue grill and chased after him with a gun, firing six shots at the intruder.  They all missed.  A police spokesman said nobody should wake up to find an intruder in his back yard doing anything, but "the
law's very specific" that you can't shoot someone for trying to use your barbecue grill.

*  Well, maybe not THAT specific.

*  In Texas, the law specifically says that you CAN.

Paris Hilton said God taught her in jail to be a more serious person and help others, but so far, she's mostly been photographed clubbing, frolicking in a bikini with the top off and wearing a shirt with her own face on it.  However, she's finally about to do something for humanity: she's recording another album.  An insider close to Hilton told E! Online, "Of all her projects, her music is the most important to her.  She really works very hard to be taken seriously in the industry and make good music people will enjoy."

*  Humanity replied that they'd prefer she just keep frolicking in the topless bikini. 

*  She could finally bring all of humanity together as one in agreement that her music really and truly reeks.

*  To prove jail really did change her, it will be an album of prison work songs.