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A single zip file including four HDTV clips of Maria Bello in The Cooler.  (Movie House Review)

A single zip file including four DVD clips of Claire Forlani in Gypsy Eyes.  (Movie House Review)

A zipped .avi of Fairuza Balk in American History X. We don't have any review of this in the Movie House, but it is a great movie (#46 of all-time at IMDb), highlighted by a brilliant performance by Edward Norton.




A clip from Descent, a "messed up" new horror movie which already has a minor cult following.

You, Me and Dupree - as reviewed by The Filthy Critic

Chipper Jones hit a two-run homer Sunday to give him an extra-base hit in 14 straight games, tying a 79-year-old big league record set by Paul Waner.

New York Mets put up an 11 spot in the sixth against the hapless Cubs - including two grand slams.

Topless paparazzi pic of Lucy Becker, a popular Page Three girl.

Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This

"BUSH SAYS ROADMAP TO PEACE IS STILL IN GLOVE COMPARTMENT OF PEACE" ... But President Acknowledges Difficulty of Unfolding, Refolding Map

Weekend Box Office Results for July 14-16, 2006
  • Most films were well within their ranges of expectations.
  • The total box office for the top twelve is down 5% from the comparable week last year, but that is actually excellent, given that last year's two new films were blockbusters (Wedding Crashers and Wonka), while this year's new releases were freakishly weak by summer standards. (Little Man and Dupree)
  • The comparative situation will reverse in the next two weeks when 2006 sends some decent prospects (next week alone features Shyamalan's movie, Clerks II, Monster House, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend) up against last year's notorious summer bombs like The Island and Stealth
  • By the way, Al Gore's movie hung on to its place in the top twelve, and has now taken in $16 million.

Three clips from Ed Burns's new dramedy The Groomsmen

Final Destination 3: Ashley and Ashlynn's alternate death. This is pretty cool, and filled with nudity.

Frank Zappa plays the bicycle on the Steve Allen program:

"Pizza guy is greeted by four hot nude girls."

Timberlake Film Fizzles
  • After two years in limbo,  it is going straight to vid



Movie Reviews:

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"The Juror"

The Juror (1996) was covered by Scoopy when it was initially released to DVD, so I skipped it. He had a lot to say in one of his trademark lengthy reviews, but the bottom line was that there was a good movie here somewhere, but that they went on too long, and stretched the credibility with the audience too much for it to be a great film. I agree that the movie had the ingredients for a much better film, but I started having problems from the opening scene, and it is the usual thing that turns me off to a film, logic errors.

As the film opens, James Baldwin is performing a hit on a retired Godfather. He also shoots his grandson, but not his wife. Why on earth would he kill the kid and not the wife? As Senator Sam Irvin said at the Watergate Hearings concerning Nixon's tapes, not killing her made her a powerful witness against him. The second issue is single mother and struggling sculpture Demi Moore doing everything in her power to get on a jury that would almost certainly be sequestered. The judge tried very hard to excuse her. In fact, the judge may have been part of the jury tampering, although that is only hinted at. Even assuming that she was that patriotic or interested in criminal justice, she would not have been able to afford the time off of work without pay. I am not in love with the jury system anyway. Essentially, your fate is in the hands of 12 people too stupid to get out of jury duty.

The film is all about how James Baldwin with a little help from James Gandolfini coerces Demi Moore into not only voting for a not guilty verdict, but convincing the other jurors. Supposedly, if she is successful, she and her son will remain unharmed. Baldwin is attracted to her, and this is not lost on the Godfather who is being tried, so after the verdict, Baldwin is ordered to continue to lean on her. Now we start an absolutely silly third act on another logic error. The Godfather had already been acquitted on the two counts of murder, and double jeopardy would prevent trying him again. However, it is in this third act that Baldwin seduces Anne Heche, Demi's best friend, and then kills her to send a strong message to Demi Moore. Demi got the message, but didn't react the way she was expected to.

Anne Heche shows breasts in a sex scene before her murder.

IMDb readers say 5.3. It won a Razzie for Demi, but earned $85.1M against a $44M budget. I would have expected the strong female character to give the film some chick flick votes, but that isn't the case. Critical response was cold. The jury tampering idea was a good premise for a film, James Gandolfini, and James Baldwin was competent, but whether the act three plot twists turn you off, or the succession of logic errors, it is a miss. C-.

Anne Heche



Here are hardcore 'caps of a few assorted adult film babes doing their thing. For those interested, you can learn more info about these ladies (pseudonyms, measurements, filmography etc.) at the European Girls Adult Film Database.

Dora Venter

Jessica Fiorentino


Mandy Bright

Sandra Mark

Vanessa Mae

Vivian beSilverstone

Shannon Lee Brown shows off a perfectly petite bod in scenes from her one and only IMDb credit, 1995's "Ski School 2". 'Caps by Starbase.

Not the best quality, but here is a young and very topless Rosanna Arquette in a love scene from one of her early movies, "The Executioner's Song" (1982).

Maggie Gyllenhaal baring all 3 B's in scenes from the made for cable movie "Strip Search".

The Skin-man spends a little time with the ladies of "Sexcretaries". You've probably seen most (if not all) of these ladies doing the hardcore thing at some point, but today it's softcore only.

Crista Black

Kelli Brown

Alana Evans

Jamie Sweet