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"Oasis of the Zombies" (1983)

Oasis of the Zombies (1983) is probably more interesting for the amount of mis-information about it than for the plot or exposure. After Jean Rollin was brought in to finish Zomie Lake and bail Jess Franko out, Franko wrote a second Zombie film, where the Zombies are German soldiers guarding $6m in gold. A college student and son of the man who killed all of the Germans during the war discovers, upon his father's death, that his mother was the daughter of a Sheik, and also learns about the supposedly still hidden $6m.

He takes a few classmates and a professor to recover the gold. The Zombies nearly win, although they crawl noisily out of the sand and attack at a snail's pace. The film is every bit as bad as this sounds, and IMDB readers say 2.1/10. We have a strong contender for worst film here. There is distant nudity from France Jordan and Doris Regina. There is also good breast exposure by an unidentified actress, possibly Myriam Landson.

There has been a running battle for years as to whether this film is Franco's work or not. The confusing stems from the fact that he did two films under different names, one in Spanish and one in French, and had somewhat different casts in each, although there is a lot of shared footage. This is the French one, and is the version that many people claimed was not done by Franco. Franco has now owned up to doing both. The IMDB entry is not even close in terms of cast and versions. To the best of my knowledge, the Spanish version is not currently available.

The DVD transfer is not bad, but is not enough reason to watch a film this bad. I will say the Zombie make-up had its moments F.

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  • France Jordan (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Doris Regina
  • Unknown (1, 2, 3, 4)

    "Working Girls" (1986)

    Working Girls (1986) is an indie "ay in the life of"film about a relatively upscale New York whore house, and centers around Molly (Louise Smith) who works two days a week, is in a committed lesbian relationship with a black woman, is co-parenting her lovers daughter, is college educated, and is also a photographer. Keeping in mind that this is one of the better places for a "working girl" to be, it still doesn't come off as someplace you would want to work. They did their best to de-eroticize the film, and succeeded. As a matter of fact, the MPAA didn't mind the nudity, but was livid about a scene of Molly trying to insert her diaphragm (see Smith 1).

    Two other girls get naked in the film, Helen Nicholas and Marusia Zach. Amanda Goodwin showed some very skimpy panties. The women are mostly portrayed as people who think their job sucks. Three of the women quit, including first timer Mary (Nicholas), and an aging hooker has become less in demand and hard to get along with. The madam is the prissy bitch from hell, and has totally forgotten that before she owned her "dating service" she was also a working girl.

    IMDB readers say 6.5/10. Maltin loves it at 3 1/2 stars, praising its honesty. Indeed, it is so realistic, it seems more like a documentary than fiction. Ebert says 3 stars. The film was made for under $100K, and was shot in the writer/director's flat in New York on super 16. The DVD transfer has a feature length commentary that is worth listening to. C+.

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  • Amanda Goodwin (1, 2)
  • Helen Nicholas
  • Louise Smith (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • Marusia Zach (1, 2)

  • Tomcat
    New 'caps from the Polish Prince...

    From "Smierc wisi w powietrzu"...also known as "Dark Desires: A Taste for Murder" (1996). A French TV movie directed by Patrice Gautier.

    Both actresses show breast exposure.

  • Lydia Chanel (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

  • Michelle Bestbier (1, 2)

  • Graphic Response
  • Helen Shaver...topless, full dorsal nudity, and almost a frontal view in scenes from "The Believers" (1987).

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website. www.graphic-barry.com.

  • Helcrom
    A very special welcome back to Helcrom who is doing fine and once again turning out 'caps after a recent surgery. We wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Gretchen Mol, as lovely as ever but not showing as much as we'd like in scenes from "Attraction". Plenty of partial breast exposure, and a nipple sighting in the lower left corner.

  • Samantha Mathis, very clear and very topless in several scenes from "Attraction".

  • RDO
    'Cap and comments by RDO:

    I know everybody and his dog has capped Youngblood, but Ms. Gibbs is just too cute to pass up, so here's my take.

  • Cynthia Gibb (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

  • HBS Grafix
    Liv Tyler
    (1, 2)

    The very young Liv going topless in "Stealing Beauty".

    Mariah Carey From the "Where are they now? All CD's only $2.99 at the Interstate gas station discount bin" collection....Here is a blonde Mariah barely keeping her boobs strapped in during an appearance on the German series "Die Harald Schmidt Show".

    Lorri Bagley The former Victoria's Secret model turned actress in a topless scene from "Trick" (1999).

    Lynda Bridges A nip slip from the first of her two movie career...scenes from "Instant Justice" (1986).

    and ...
    Diana Barton
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

    Great 'caps by Nut 51. From the movie "Sexual Malice" (1994). This is pretty much the best you can hope for from any celeb...All 3 B's (breasts, bum, and bush), plus masturbation, lesbo, and straight sex scenes. The only thing missing is the gyno-cam!

    Yvonne Sciņ Topless in a love scene with none other than the lord of the beach himself....David Hasselhoff! Vidcaps by DeVo from the movie "Layover" (2000).

    Alonna Shaw Pokies and brief breast exposure from the Van Damme "classic", "Double Impact". Classic because it marks the first time in his career that he played his own twin. So far Van Damme as played his own twin brother twice, as well as a turn as an evil robot twin. I wonder if he likes to see himself on the big screen?

    Monica Bellucci Beautiful topless pose from GQ. Sorry gang, while she is obviously not-clothed, all we see is cleavage. However it is quite nice.

    Davinia Taylor Here is a real treat for the Euro-Scoopy fans...a quick, but lovely nip slip by the beautiful British actress. Thanks to Skease.

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Brief topless scene from "The Abyss", by Skease.

    Jaime Pressly
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    A great mini-gallery of Pressly 'caps by . Links 1-3 feature breast and bum exposure from "Poison Ivy: The New Seduction" (1997). Link #4 has Jaime topless in a sex scene from "The Journey: Absolution" aka "Absolution" (1997).

    The Funnies
  • The Top 13 Signs You Live Too Close to the Bermuda Triangle

    13) Your breast implants and your husband Tommy Lee have mysteriously disappeared.
    12) Every time you go out for groceries, the tearful goodbyes last an hour.
    11) Local kids' favorite pastime: throwing paper airplanes into infinity.
    10) Satellite dish pointed up: 600 channel reception; Satellite dish pointed down: 600 galaxy reception
    9) Every few days you have to skim the vintage aircraft out of your pool.
    8) Mulder and Scully come knocking more often than Jehovah's Witnesses.
    7) Jesse Helms almost makes sense.
    6) 200-year-old ship captains always stopping by to borrow your gas grill.
    5) Amelia Earhart appears at your door and hands you a bag full of your missing socks.
    4) Constantly freaking out guests by reaching into the fridge and pulling out a beer from 1912.
    3) Your pants keep disappearing, and you're not the President.
    2) It's 4:00 am and your wife actually believes you were abducted by aliens, forced to drink too much liquor and bring home a prostitute.

    ...and the Number 1 Sign You Live Too Close to the Bermuda Triangle...

    1) The funniest parts of your Top 5 entries always seem to mysteriously va...

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