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The Kindergarten Teacher

2018, 1920x800

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Continuing with the Italian movies ...


2000, aka "Trasgredire"

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Cheeky is beginning-to-end nakedness, even some that is almost X-rated.

The identified women are:

Francesca Nunzi,

 Leila Carli

and Yuliya Mayarchuk.

There are lots of women not identified

and there are some BR Extras with some behind the scenes shots.

Night Killer

1990, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Night Killer is an Italian thriller, made in English, about a woman (Tara Buckman) who survives an attack from a masked assailant who has been murdering women. When she get released from hospital, a man, possibly the same man comes after her and torments her, locking her in a hotel room, while possibly continuing to kill more women as the masked assailant.

Gotta say, possibly one of the worst movies I've ever seen, not helped by having a fairly poor grasp of the English language even with American actress Tara Buckman in the lead. The dialogue is just garbage with very poor readings by the actors and Tara is a poor actress, all over-the-top squealing and histrionics, not helped (or maybe it is) by her character's tendency to take down her top to expose her breasts as a reason to validate herself (I kid you not). Let's face it, Tara was cast because she's a low cost American actress who didn't have a problem with sleazy nudity. The only other movie I've seen her in was being tormented by a killer Santa who stripped her naked in Silent Night, Deadly Night, so this movie continues to typecast her. Also, the credits for this movie are appalling, barely mentioning the main cast so there's a bunch of unknown actresses who get naked.

Tara Buckman film clip (collages below)

unidentified film clip (sample below) 

Black Moon Rising

1986, 1080hd

Linda Hamilton film clip (sample below)


Hannah Gross and Eleonore Hendricks in Stinking Heaven (2015) in lq



Adriana Abenia