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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Salon Kitty


Another massive project. All the still captures can be found on Monday, July 14.

Today, the first film clip of Teresa Ann Savoy


La vie est à nous

Juliette Nol


Concluding the romance languages with some French films.

Eugenie de Sade

Alice Arno is the only actress who doesn’t show the lot in Eugenie de Sade aka Eugénie (1974), just showing her breasts.

Greta Schmidt,

Soledad Miranda

and an unidentified woman show everything.

The Nude Vampire

Caroline Cartier,

twins Cathy Tricot and Pony Tricot,

and some unidentified women are topless in The Nude Vampire aka La vampire nue (1970).

Ursule Pauly shows a bit of cleavage.


episode: "Ashes, Ashes" (s1e12)
Tamzin Merchant: getting an up close and personal exam for mark of a witch.


episode: "All Fall Down" (season finale) (s1e13)

Janet Montgomery: very nice cleavage.

Amanda Marie: nude as dead body.

Rebecca Chulew: nude as dead body.

Brittany Prevot: nude as dead body.


Amanda Marie: very much alive.

Rebecca Chulew: very much alive.

TV and Film Clips

Carla Quevedo in Affluenza (2014) in 720p

Jana Bringlov Ekspong in Ta Av Mig (2012) in 720p

Isabella Ferrari in Quiet Chaos (2008) in 720p

Cec Verrell in Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) in 1080p
Possibly the Citizen Kane of Roddy Piper movies

Christina Ferrare in Mary Mary Bloody Mary (1975) in 1080p

Catherine Jourdan in Eden and After (1970) in 1080p


Emily DiDonato

Olimpia Carlisi in Le milieu du monde