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Surf School (Unrated)


Surf School is sort of a combination of a sports cliché film and the Revenge of the Nerds. Corey Sevier is an East Coast lacrosse stud. The season is over, he has already been awarded a scholarship, and his mother talks him into finishing his senior year in California so he can play in a lacrosse league there and stay sharp. When he hits Laguna High, he finds that he is no longer a big man on campus, and that it is the surfers at the top of the pecking order. He fits in well with a group of nerds.

The surfers are on their way to an invitation-only senior trip to Costa Rica for a High School surf championship. Corey convinces the nerds to show up in Costa Rica a week early, take surfing lessons, and beat the evil surfer dudes at their own game.  In addition to wanting to win the surfing contest, the group is interested in getting laid, so there are three Swedish blondes in the film to show their breasts. The nerds have rooms booked at a commune run by two aging hippies who can't return to the U.S. because of some of their more radical activities in the 60s. The surf instructor turns out to be a drunk who has somehow lost the last 30 years of his life since he was a surfing champion.

IMDb readers rate this 1.1. I would put the proper score closer to 4 or 5. Yes, it is bad, but not entirely without chuckles. Most of the acting was way over the top, and the plot was completely predictable. The film is competent technically. This is the same caliber of film as some of the weaker National Lampoon films. In other words, a D.


Scoop's notes:

1. This has a good chance to become the lowest rated film of all time at IMDb. There are about 600 votes at IMDB, and more than 400 of them have scored it 1/10. The most positive demographic group (females under 18) scores it 1.5 out of ten, while three of the groups score it a perfect 1.0! Of the top 1000 IMDB voters, a group which usually offers the most accurate score, there have been 72 votes of which 70 are "1/10" and the other two are "2/10". That is astounding. There are a few glowing comments at IMDb - all obviously written by people involved with the movie. Every one of the positive reviews was from somebody who never reviewed any other movie - except one, who also reviewed Death to the Supermodels (2.1 at IMDb and an E- from me.), and gave them both 10/10. Those two movies were both directed by the same guy!

2. More important, here is the pertinent film clip from Surf School from another imager named Gman




Rikke Moegelhoe


Anika Knudsen


Aubrie Lemon









Today the Time Machine goes back to 1984 for Sheena, based on the comic book character of years gone bye.

Tanya Roberts offers some decent exposure in the title role.







Notes and collages


Tanya Roberts was a Bond girl in A View to a Kill in 1985.

She made Beastmaster in 1982 and Sheena (see Hank's section) in 1984.








The Number 23


Remake of a German movie where one fateful day an animal control worker (Jim Carrey) has to go after a dog one minute before his shift ends, which caused him to arrive late to pick up his wife (Virginia Madsen), who consequently enters a bookstore and picks up a book entitled "The Number 23" for his birthday.

At first he is not interested in reading the book but when he does he becomes obsessed with it and the number 23. He finds similarities in the book to his own life and believes the number 23 is a curse that is after him. Not finding the answers and starting to doubt the people around him he starts to search for the author, only to find himself involved in a murder that happened years earlier.


Virginia Madsen


Lynn Collins


Rhona Mitra



Tiffany Turner









I recently capped Kelly Preston in 1986's 52 Pick-Up, and would have liked to see more than the brief and poor-quality scenes of her on a TV. I have seen a ton of caps of her in 1985's Mischief, so I decided it was time to see the movie. Set in a small Ohio town in 1956, the coming-of-age comedy tries to be the American Graffiti of the mid-50's, but it doesn't quite make it.

Jonathan, a shy high school senior, has no luck with girls until he makes friends with the new kid in town, Gene, a rebellious sort who is loved by the ladies. With encouragement from Gene, Jonathan's luck starts to change, but not before a series of misadventures, many of which are very funny.

It's no Graffiti, and it does drag in spots, but it is still very funny and a lot of fun to watch. Oh yeah, and Kelly's nude scene is a classic.

Scoop's note: Tuna and I also recommended it, for various reasons. Good music, good nudity, some multi-dimensional characters, come classic cars, and overall good fun.

Kelly Preston






Meg Ryan in The Doors

Two from Madonna's attempt at mainstream erotica, Body of Evidence. If you have forgotten, 1992's Basic Instinct made a shit-pile of money, so Hollywood started churning out the clones of murder mysteries with S&M overtones starring mainstream performers. This one came out in 1993.

Nicole Vicius in The House is Burning. This film made the film festival circuit, but could not swing a theatrical deal. Two samples to the right.
NO NUDITY but an INTERNET TIP: If you are a fan of Rose McGowan and have a good broadband connection. you owe it to yourself to get this very HD (1080p) Rapidshare clip from Strange Hearts. She's not naked, but she's working in a strip club wearing pasties and some flimsy panties. Two samples (actual size) to the right.
Ashley Tisdale offers the public a glimpse of her nipple.
A classic picture of Sophie Marceau, in better quality than seen by us before.