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Clara Garrido


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Short Cuts

1993, 1920x800

(Director Robert Altman was a genius at getting women naked)

Madeleine Stowe

Lori Singer

Julianne Moore

Frances McDormand

Anne Archer

Continuing with the Italian movies.

A newer one today ...

I Am Love

2009, aka "Io sono l'amore"

Tilda Swinton is naked in I Am Love

Night Game

1989, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Night Game is a serial killer thriller where Roy Scheider runs around like a crazy man in pursuit of a serial killer who he works out only strikes when a certain pitcher for the Houston Astros closes out a game, which is a wild thing to work out. The movie is full of cop clichés and it has a pretty ridiculous ending where the killer of course goes after Scheider's woman (played by Karen Young) and keeps going after her even when she ends up at a restaurant full of people while Scheider magically finds her despite her running quite a distance to get to the restaurant.

Ah, it's silly but it's pretty watchable if you're into serial killer thrillers and the sub plot about Scheider marrying the much younger Karen Young while her mother makes it her mission to break them up is fun.

Karen Young film clip (collage below)

The Stranger

1986, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

The Stranger is an amnesia thriller made in Argentina starring Bonnie Bedelia as a woman found after she crashed her car, which was then deliberately blown up. She ends up in a hospital not knowing who she is, but with vivid memories of a violent incident she escaped from. Peter Riegert, the other American actor, plays a doctor trying to help her recover her memory while being forced by the bad guys to get results.

Not a bad little movie as far as amnesia thrillers go and it even has a few recognisable Argentinian actors (well to me) in it: Cecilia Roth has a fairly big role as a nurse, a very young Ricardo Darin is Bonnie's lover, and Federico Luppi turns up very briefly as the head of the hospital.

Bonnie has a couple of brief nude scenes I've only ever seen before in caps and never knew what movie they were from until now, so it's good to see them in action. I remember watching a movie on TV a few years ago called The Gypsy Moths that also had some brief nudity from a much younger Bonnie (the movie was released in 1969) and also some rare nudity from Deborah Kerr. Of course, we know Bonnie better as John McClane's wife in Die Hard 1 and 2.

Bonnie Bedelia film clip (collage below)

Leelee Sobieski in Hercules (e1,e2; 2005), sized 1440x960

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith in The Incredible Melting Man (1977) in 720p

Penelope Cruz

Mischa Barton