TV Recap

Jessica Clark was naked again in True Blood. This time she cleaned off the blood, but apparently kept the merkin.

Anna Paquin spent some time in her bra and underpants.

And there was brief full-frontal nudity from Stacy Haiduk (who is now 45 years old)


The latest episode of Polizeiruf 110 featured:

Eva Gosciejewicz

Claudia Helene Hinterecker


Catch the latest two episodes of Odysseus in Defoe's French nudity section below

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"Top of the Lake"



Elisabeth Moss (aka "Peggy" on Mad Men)



Defoe's clip of the week:

Capucine Delaby in Odysseus, s1e12 in 1080p

Capucine Delaby and Fanny Paliard in Odysseus, s1e11, in 1080p

Virginie Efira in 20 Ans d'Ecart (2013) in 1080p

Emilie de Preissac and Helene Degy in Malevil (2009) in 1080hd

Anne Marivin and Sandrine Rigaux in Truands (2007) in 1080hd

Lara Guirao in L.627 (1992) in 1080p

Film/TV clips

The women of The Sacred (2012)

Angel McCord and Heather Roop



Cora Benesh

The women of Tin God (2011)

Whitney Duff

Joey Kingman

Natasha Marozza

The women of Consenting Adults (1992):

Melissa Anne Moore

Rebecca Miller

Senta Berger in an episode of "Die schnelle Gerdi" (1989)